Collapsible Aluminum Gear Cart Foam Filled Tires


I once had an idea about hard mounting a Bike seat in a wagon to tow a Steadicam camera operator around using a bike (slow speed of course), but I never could find the right platform to pull it off. Today Jerry shares a find on some Marine Grade aluminum folding carts that could be used for a variety of things besides just hauling gear.

The heavy duty folding Aluminum cart's large 20" airless, foam-filled rubber tires are designed for easy maneuverability and stability on rough or thorny terrain as well as on steep grades, and will never go flat. The cart is designed with a capacity of 5.75 cu ft moving up to 330 lbs. If you want a fully enclosed unit, there is an optional gate. If you plan to tow the cart with a bike, there's also a trailer hitch available. This might be my solution. [Thanks Jerry]

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3 thoughts on “Collapsible Aluminum Gear Cart Foam Filled Tires

  1. alex

    Funny enough, I'm doing the same exact thing tomorrow in Saigon, Vietnam. Shoot from the front of a cyclo (cycle rickshaw) that is front-mounted where the person is pushed in front and the cycle driver is in back. I think it will make a great platform for my Glidecam to fly from. Last year I did it from the back of a motorbike and while that was cool, it was a bit dangerous in traffic....

    Cheers, Alex

  2. Yeah this is great. When you mentioned the beach. I did a music video last year that was on a beach and one major problem I had was getting my gear to the beach because their was no way to get the cars with the gear up to the water. I will be getting at least one of these.

  3. Been using these on location for 20 years, they are fantastic on beach shoots, plus you can cover your gear in the cart to keep it out of the sand

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