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In terms of Canon's best Prime Lenses especially for flattering portraits the 135mm F/2.0 at just over $1K is a highly popular focal length. There's a certain aesthetic quality from the 135mm that can't be matched. Now Rokinon is extending their lineup of Cine Lenses and has just recently announced their own 135mm F/2. For video use most people would gladly trade in their auto focus, but the real test of course is to see how people compare the quality of the two. Available for almost every camera mount, the new Rokinon 135mm F/2 or 135mm T/2.2 Cine Lens is available now for pre-order starting at $549.

135mm Lens
Full-Frame Coverage
Multi-Layer Coating to Reduce Flare
Standard Gearing for Focus and Iris
Dual Side Focus and T-Stop Scales
De-Clicked Aperture Ring
Hybrid Aspherical Lenses
Manual Focus and Aperture
Removable Lens Hood
Accepts 77mm Threaded Filter Rings

rokinon 135 f2 lensrokinon 135mm cine lens
find-price-button Rokinon 135mm F/2.0 or 135 m T/2.2 Cine Lens