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John Hwang decided to tackle Hal's DIY PVC shoulder support and provides a timelapse look into the project. With not too much more than a simple Hacksaw, this project was completed right in the living room floor. There's a fun test run at the end complete with sound effects. Of course there's nothing to show it's true stability or how this rig can further be loaded up with accessories, but it looks like a solid foundation that should perform well for a first time rig. This would definitely be something to look into for you GH1, NEX, and PEN fans. You can't complain for a $5 dollar project. [Thanks John].

If you're looking to get cleaner, more accurate, and straighter cuts into your PVC projects, check out these twisting PVC Pipe cutters running under $8 dollars. You clamp the unit to a PVC tube and just give it a spin. Continue to tighten and spin until it's cut all the way through. Very simple, and you won't break a sweat. Found here: PVC Pipe Cutter
click image for pricing on PVC Cutting tool