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If you caught my Instagram feed, I just received a few more gimbals to test out. I've been meaning to get another Gimbal Stand, but didn't want to dish out the big bucks. Here's a simple DIY frame using a single 10 Foot piece of 1/2" Electrical Conduit. You can find this at most hardware store for under $4.00 dollars (for all 10ft). You'll also need to have access to a pipe bender, so hit up your electrician friend, or run down to a hardware rental store. It's sooo easy anyone CON-DU-IT.

Once you have the basic bends in place, it's just a matter of sitting them side by side and clamping them together. Now I threw this together very quickly, but after thinking about it a bit more I should have gone with a 1" metal hose clamp.

If you want to dress it up, you can always cover the conduit with pipe insulation, add end caps, or paint it black. Anyways, now that many of you guys are diving into the world of Gimbals, I thought this little quick project could help you save some money - Enjoy!


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