12 Minutes and $12 Dollars – DIY Metal Stand for 3 Axis Gimbals

If you caught my Instagram feed, I just received a few more gimbals to test out. I've been meaning to get another Gimbal Stand, but didn't want to dish out the big bucks. Here's a simple DIY frame using a single 10 Foot piece of 1/2" Electrical Conduit. You can find this at most hardware store for under $4.00 dollars (for all 10ft). You'll also need to have access to a pipe bender, so hit up your electrician friend, or run down to a hardware rental store. It's sooo easy anyone CON-DU-IT.

Once you have the basic bends in place, it's just a matter of sitting them side by side and clamping them together. Now I threw this together very quickly, but after thinking about it a bit more I should have gone with a 1" metal hose clamp.

If you want to dress it up, you can always cover the conduit with pipe insulation, add end caps, or paint it black. Anyways, now that many of you guys are diving into the world of Gimbals, I thought this little quick project could help you save some money - Enjoy!


12 Minutes and $12 Dollars. How to #DIY All Metal Custom #Gimbal Stand. Any size you want http://cheesycam.com

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8 thoughts on “12 Minutes and $12 Dollars – DIY Metal Stand for 3 Axis Gimbals

  1. Dan

    Got it built. $10.83 at my local ACE Hardware, including one 10' stick of 1/2" EMT conduit, two 1-1/4" stainless steel hose clamps ($1.79 ea) and an impulse buy bag of gummy bears at checkout counter. Would have been under $10.

    I prefer to cut the conduit with a plumber's pipe cutter. No sharp edges and the cut is always exactly square. Bent them like you did with a 1/2" conduit bender that I already had. Done literally in 10 minutes.

    I cut the conduit twice into two, 4'6" pieces. Measured the first bend 12" from one end, the second bend mark at 36" from the same end. Then set the bender's indicator arrow on the mark and bent the ends upward from the middle as you did in the video. Perfect on first try.

    The hose clamps went on easily and tightened securely.

    Great design.

    Ideally, it would be sized to fit into the case that carries the rig. But it's so cheap I could start over if necessary and do it again for under $5 as I'd reuse the clamps.

  2. Dan

    Brilliant, Emm. Will build one today from spare parts. Agree the hose clamps would be simpler and I already have some.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @paul - I just got another 7500 in. I think they upgraded some of the wiring, but technically it should be the same. I will test out soon.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @William Stewart - I thought about the Bike Hanger too, but I would have to build a stand when out on the field. How do you have yours setup for the field?

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