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Fuji X100

Hopefully I won't regret my recent purchase as I opted for the Panasonic GF2 recently as my small camera since it was cheaper and still allows for interchangeable lenses. Though i'm expected to receive that GF2 today, I've been following the Fuji X100 for some time, and periodically check out Flickr galleries for the latest snaps. If you haven't seen the stuff this camera has been putting out, you can check out some of the images being upload here: https://www.flickr.com/search/?q=fuji+x100&s=rec. Yeah, amazing stuff in a retro style camera...

Screen shot 2011-05-09 at 8.07.54 AM

The Fuji X100 has been hitting the US shores lately, but very spotty on inventory. If you really want one, you can find them on the auction sites, but for a nice markup of over $1500 dollars. Oddly, the retail price was set to $1199, but B&H is one retailer that has now raised that number by a few hundred dollars. This makes you wonder if other retailers will follow with this significant price increase, but if you still have your heart set on one, Amazon's been shipping them out as they become available and is still taking orders at just $1199 (for now).

Fuji X100 hood
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