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This might seem unconventional, but it will all make sense once you understand how this works. With so many laws from different countries about participating in Contests, Sweepstakes, and Random Drawing Giveaways, we had to get a little more creative to be able to give back to our followers. Technically speaking, we are not holding a contest or random drawing sweepstake. There is no judging involved or submissions to participate. We're simply asking you to buy something - for FREE.

Here's a little video about our next FREE product offering for 5 FREE Lav Mics from AspenMics.

By providing information to such coupons publicly, everyone in any country and any age is able to participate. All you need to do is be on time, and be the first. And so that we give enough time for our followers to prepare, we're making sure we announce such offerings ahead of time.

So how do you get a FREE AspenMics Lav? Well, we want to make sure these special offerings are available to the people that support us, so these 5 Unique Coupon Codes will be posted under our Exclusive Deals Area. Make sure to subscribe so that you can be informed about more of these offerings provided directly from our supporting businesses.

For more information and details about the products available for these coupon codes, please visit the special AspenMics.com page (HERE)
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Audio recorder in this video:
juicedlink DAR Recorder
Juicedlink DAR (digital audio recorder).


I'm not sure how many people have looked into one of Canon's latest Prime Lenses with IS (yes image stabilization), but today this seems like quite the deal. MSRP on this 28mm F/2.8 IS lens is normally $550, with current instant rebates of $50 bucks drops it down to $499 - but wait there's more!

Proceed to the Checkout at Adorama, and this lens drops all the way down to just $349 today (you have to proceed to the checkout to see the number change). [Update] FYI, you may have trouble seeing this deal on a mobile device so make sure you're behind a desktop/laptop. I've never tried this lens, but I'll leave it up to you guys to decide, check it out (Click Here).

Canon 28mm Prime IS Image Stabilization
find-price-button Canon 28mm F/2.8 Prime Lens with Image Stabilization