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Sliders are great tools, but there are certain moves that can be limited when your camera is simply mounted over a ball head or video head. For instance a forward push or pull will often show the rails of your slider. Below is a screen grab from one of my attempts at a push which ended up showing the rails on the Cinevate Duzi V3 Slider.

Cinevate Slider in Shot
Slider in shot during push / pull movement

If I were able to position my camera slightly higher and forward past the tracks, I would have been able to accomplish this reveal shot. Instead I had to find a different option. Even something as simple as a side dolly directly over an object (i.e. slide over wedding rings) usually ends up just tilting down towards the object because there just isn't enough reach.

I've tried Magic Arms and other ways to reposition my cameras, but most are hardly sturdy ways of doing it. For these situations Cinevate has introduced the 'Grip Reacher'. A custom designed versatile camera positioning system that works on any video slider to allow for more creative camera movements.

Cinevate Grip Reacher Product Details
The Grip Reacher is an incredibly strong and versatile grip arm that enables you to mount and articulate your camera in countless configurations. Use the Grip Reacher on a slider to achieve ‘ground-scraping’ slides or pushes.

grip-reacher-03-sq-sm grip-reacher-05-sq-sm
Learn-More-sm Cinevate Grip Reacher Versatile Camera Mount for Slidrs

Looking to capture an overhead photo or video? The Grip Reacher is the affordable and lightweight solution. The toolless adjustments make changing positions effortless. The Grip Reacher works on any slider or tripod that offers a 3/8" mount.

grip-reacher-01-sq-sm grip-reacher-02-sq-sm
Learn-More-sm Cinevate Grip Reacher Versatile Camera Mount for Slidrs

Crafted from solid aluminum and carbon fibre, the Grip Reacher is durable and strong, and weighs in at just 1.8 lbs. The Grip Reacher includes both a 3/4" and 1/4"-20 camera mount, and can handle loads up to 7 lbs. - See more at: https://www.cinevate.com/store2/grip-reacher.html#sthash.QCiQtyU2.dpuf