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Canon 60D with Ikan F3 Friction Follow Focus System on 85mm F/1.2

I finally had some time to test out the Ikan F3 Friction Follow Focus system, it's actually quite neat. What's there to really say about it? It's built with quality parts, and it does the job for any entry level DSLR shooter looking for a first time follow focus system. It's a friction based system so no geared rings required. Position it to just about any lens and it will immediately improve the ergonomics of focusing. The unit I have here has a dual rod mount adapter, but the F3 was also designed with a clever standard 1/4 x 20 thread for even more mounting possibilities.

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If you've got a Rod rig, Tripod, Shoulder Support, from the left, to the right, over the top or even from the bottom, you really have no excuses on why you can't mount this thing. DSLR or Mini Camcorder, I bet it will even work just fine on those tiny little focus wheels on a Canon HV30 - can't do that with a ring geared FF. Just from the flexible Power Arm alone there's a hundred different places to lock it in place. It's obviously super lightweight, and not too shabby on the price. Many of us don't have an enormous collection of lenses, so If you're looking for a simple and effective follow focus that works, Ikan's got a good thing here. You won't find too many follow focus systems that have the flexibility to mount onto just about any camera and any lens combination like this. Here's the link over at B&H (which is cheaper than through the Ikan website): Ikan F3 Friction Follow Focus system

Or check out more information about the additional accessories for the F3 Follow Focus system over at Ikan's website: https://ikancorp.com/productInfo.php?id=232

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