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Sometimes a single light is all that's needed. Here's an inexpensive Octagon softbox with a 105w CFL bulb (equivalent to approx. 525w incandescent). The kit also comes with an 86" air cushioned light stand, and available for Prime shipping, making the deal even sweeter. This is a nice little setup because CFL bulbs transmit most of their light from the sides and not the front of the bulb. A softbox used with CFL bulbs will trap and redirect more light than those shoot through umbrella type kits like these (here).

The stock bulb is spec'd at 6500K which is fairly cool, but there are plenty of 105w 5500k CFL Light Bulbs available online. If this is your only source of light, a simple white balance should warm things up. Right now there's a price drop on this single CFL light Stand Softbox kit, and less than 5 available following the link (click here).

find-price-button Octagonal Softbox 105w CFL Light Stand Kit