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Just in case any of you were already planning to to purchase a Nikon or Canon camera anytime soon, you may want to take a look at this list of select camera gear over at B&H first. Not only does some of this equipment have instant savings of up to $700 OFF, but you also get 10% rewards back on your purchase (in the form of a B&H gift card). That deal sounds pretty darn good, especially for those who already planned to grab one of these camera bodies from the list.

Check out the B&H Instant Savings + 10% Rewards Limited Time DEAL Page (here).

BHPhoto 10 rewards back instant savings

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Above is an example of an unboxing video submitted for the B&H 'unboxing' video contest from YouTube member dangiliana. Pretty self explanatory with very simple requirements.

Another example (above) from Vimeo member Bruce Buck. Fans and customers can capture a short video of a B&H package being unboxed and then share it with their friends. Of course, enter the contest for the chance to win a Canon 5D Mark ll among a few other prizes. I should have a few things coming in soon, and might as well join in. I have a few 'out of the box' (pun intended) unboxing ideas of my own. More information on the B&H Unboxing Video contest can be found following the link (click here).

B&H Photo Video Unboxing Contest


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When used properly DSLR's can provide amazing quality video footage. Of course you've probably already heard of all the problems that go with shooting video DSLR cameras too. If you're just starting out with DSLR's or might be wondering about implementing DSLR's into your workflow, you should definitely check out B&H's HDSLR Hub taught by Shane Hurlbut, ASC. So far it's based around the amazing Canon 5D Mark II, but many of the tips, tricks, and advice are general to all DSLR's. Episode II was just released today, and there's a schedule to release more in the coming weeks. All found here: https://www.hdslrhub.bhphoto.com


This is a great little read from BHPHOTOVIDEO.com 'Inisghts'. You've probably read a few times many professionals might shoot at F/5.6 to F/8.0 but this could be simply because they are using F/2.8 lenses. There's a difference between getting everything in focus as to what's really the sharpest setting on your lens. It might be a bit confusing reading this here, so take the jump over to the Inisights article and try some of the suggestions against your own lenses.

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