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A small but incredibly handy feature, but one that many other LED lights currently lack. True Wireless control (not infrared no LOS needed) of your @aputurephoto #Lightstorm LED Lights. The #COB120T and #COB120D are great spots for small teams covering an event (i.e. Weddings) while being able to control every single light in the room. Position one at the head table and kick it on during speeches, set one up at the cake and kick it on when needed, and set one or two up on the dance floor and kick on when needed. Control On/Off and Intensity (output). You have (3) different channels, and each channel has (4) different groups so that you can control a crazy amount of lights. No need to run around adjusting every light in the room. For areas where you can't run a power cord, run them from v-mount or AB batteries. Will be positing a video soon on my site, mainly just about my general thoughts when I use these lights...

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The COB120 is a new bright LED light by Aputure that uses one high power LED Chip and offers a Bowens mount to take advantage of the thousands of different light modifiers typically used for photo strobes.


Aputure has some of the most popular LED Panels available for the budget shooter, and now they've added a nice high power single point source LED Light called the LightStorm COB120. If you've worked with Fresnels, the new COB120 can be used in similar ways. Still photographers who are now working with continuous lighting will also be familiar with it's MonoLight type form factor. With a Bowens Mount adapter, you'll also be able to use many available Light Modifiers such as a Beauty Dish, Softboxes, Snoots, etc.

They say the new COB120 may have the equivalent to a 1K-1.5K fresnel which is very good output for an LED Light of this size. There is a fan built in to dissipate heat, but they say it's extremely quiet, similar to the fan found in the Mac Pro (trashcan). The new Aputure LightStorm COB120 will be available over at B&H (click here).

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Learn More Aputure LightStorm COB120T Mono LED Video Light


Here's an unboxing of the new Aputure Amaran 528 LED Video lights along with a few tests to show the difference in spread (diffusion) and light output. [Note: The readings on the C-500 Light Meter may not be accurate with the full spectrum of LED lighting, but should provide a baseline for comparison between the lights. Do not accept my readings as an accurate source for each manufacturers specifications]

The lights are about the size of an iPad (not as thin), so carrying around a three piece lighting kit should be an easy task. For a very portable solution, these ultra portable Light Stands are a great combination (found here). The three different Amaran LED Video lights share mostly the same features which include a Digital brightness display, Double power supply system (battery or AC), the ability to charge batteries from the unit while being powered by AC, a Battery power indicator, and all come with a nice Carrying case.

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The AL-528W is an all daylight color temp rated at 5500K and throws a 75 degree beam angle.
The AL-528S is an all daylight color temp rated at 5500K but throws only at a 25 degree beam angle (spotlight type effect).
The AL-528C throws at the 75 degree beam angle, but can adjust color between 3200K-5500K using two sets of different color LED bulbs.

Batteries can be charged in the LED Light Unit

The unit DOES NOT come with batteries. You will have to purchase a set of Sony NPF style batteries, but you don't need to purchase a charger, since the Amaran LED light allows you to charge the batteries while mounted to the LED light (I haven't tested how long to charge a battery). I have to admit, the digital display does come in handy when you're monitoring power from a glance. Why doesn't all LED lights have this?

The Digital display shows you Kelvin temp and Power output. I don't know how accurate this is, but I can see this being very useful if you're trying to match the color or the brightness between three (or more) different lights. I have more tests to do, but for more information on the Aputure Amaran AL528W, AL528S, and AL528C, they can be found at eBay (click here).

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