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The Ultrawide Rokinon 8mm and fast 85mm F/1.4 lenses are back on Lightning Deals. These deals have always proved to be the cheapest price you'll find for these lenses. These deals only last for a few hours or until the quantity is sold out. You might find that it brings you to a Nikon mount deal, but no worries. Rokinon are all manual focus lenses, and the Nikon mount can fit on Canon bodies with a very thin and simple adapter like the ones (seen here on Amazon).

The Nikon mount can also fit pretty much everything else without a complicated adapter like a Sony FS100 down to a Sony NEX7 or GH2. Check it out at the deals page via Amazon (Click Here).

Lightning Deal51CL3WVAU5L._AA120_
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For a very basic general lens, the Canon EF-S 55-250mm with Image Stabilization is on sale for about one hour from now (or until 100% claimed). I searched around a bit over on eBay, and the new low discounted price is even cheaper than a trying to find a used version. Find it at Amazon's deals while they last (click here).

Gold Box Deal
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