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500 LED light XLR adapter 12V batteryXLR battery 500 LED Light

I still get questions about affordable LED light panels, and these 500 LEDs are still a good option. The only problem is that the cheaper versions were never offered with a battery power solution, so they can be used off-the-grid on location. That's a huge part most people consider when shopping for LED lighting. Some of these 500 LED light panels (above) use an XLR DC power adapter that connects to AC (wall outlet). So it is very possible to run them from a battery, but the trick is finding the correct XLR DC power adapter cable.

If you didn't catch it in one of the comments, Derek shared that the Jag35 XLR cable is indeed a good fit. He was able to power through the XLR using a simple Canon LP-E6 battery (for about 30 minutes). Of course once you have the proper cable, there's no reason you couldn't use a coupler + Tekkeon Battery pack to give you much longer portable run time. Much like the Tekkeon + Coupler setup I used to power a camera. Just make sure that your LED light has the XLR input as seen in the back (above).

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These lights were once very popular, but haven't been since the release of the newer 600/900/1200 LED panels, so you'll often find these older 500s on auction with low starting and no reserve pricing (click here).

500 LED light XLR adapter 12V battery
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