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Most people only think about how to enlarge tiny object when they hear Macro Lens. But there's quite a bit more to think about, and one lens may not be suitable for every Macro situation. For instance a 100mm lens is a very common choice when it comes to Macro, but most 100mm lenses require you 12" away from anything just to get focus. Too close and you can't focus at all. And when working at a 100mm focal length the field of view becomes very compressed so you see less of the environment. The depth of field also becomes shallow and easily blurs out what is not in focus.

I won't go too much into detail about Macro video or Macro Photography, but I just wanted to point out why this Laowa 24mm Macro Probe lens is very different. At 24mm the field of view is much wider, so you're not just getting a close look at small object, but you're also seeing the environment that is surrounding it (wide angle view). The minimum focus with the Laowa Macro Lens is extremely close, so you could practically be touching the tip of the lens and still be in focus. Of course being that close often blocks light (and casts a shadow), so the Laowa 24mm Macro Probe also offers a dimmable LED Ring light at it's tip to fill in that close object. Another neat design feature is that it is waterproof at the tip, so you can literally submerge this lens underwater.

The narrow tip on the Macro Probe Lens design also allows you to slide it into smaller spaces and when you can add movement to this, it creates very interesting videos that are not achievable through other conventional means. If you're looking to step up your food or product videos in a unique way, the Laowa 24mm Macro Probe Lens is definitely the lens to add to your collection.

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Wanted to put the T3i's new 3x Zoom featuer to the paces, so I shot some bugs with the 100mm F/2.8L IS Macro. At 10x you do notice it gets soft and it's pretty hard to see what's going on with these little guys. So for now here's an all 3x Zoom video which shows the original camera position. (except for the first few seconds. You'll see the text change). The shakiness was because it was a windy day, it's not from the camera. It's also pretty hard to pan at 3x Macro, everything is exaggerated.

I know what you're thinking. Wow, what a rare treat to find a flower full of sooo many lady bugs with great fill lighting? A very unique experience to have outside in nature. Ok, I admit. I cheated. Just a little.

I'm going to try this again in a more controlled environment when I get my real lights setup. I was at home and limited to what I could use. You can't use bulbs that generate too much heat or the flower will wilt and the lady bugs will 'crisp'. These little FLO's don't output as much as the LED panels which i'll try (maybe tomorrow).

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