Switronix PowerBase 70 Battery Pack

The Swintronix Powerbase 70 Battery Pack is back in stock again. Supposedly 6 times longer run time than a single Canon LP-E6 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, it is designed with two optional power ports for powering up other compatible accessories. Yeah I know, Swintronix Powerbase is old news right? Not really, since this battery pack is designed for use with the Canon 5D Mark II & Canon 7D which shares it's battery type with the Canon EOS 60D. Get where i'm going with this? Theoretically it should have absolutely no problems powering up the new Canon 60D camera, and with it's mounting capabilities can double up to be used as that rear weight on your new shoulder rig. Double function means lighter run and gun rig since you don't need to add on that extra battery grip + extra rig weight. Soon as the Canon 60D DSLR starts shipping, expect these power packs to sell out just as quickly. The charger for the packs are sold seperately which might be a good thing. You can purchase several battery packs without having to incur costs of having multiple chargers.

Switronix PowerBase Battery Pack Canon EOS 5D Mk II & 7D Pricing

Switronix POWER CHRGR f/PB70/NP-L60/EX-L96/XPL90

5 thoughts on “Switronix PowerBase 70 Battery Pack

  1. I know this is an old post, but I'm just discovering this. I just bought a dslr cage for my t3i that doesn't allow enough space for a battery grip. This seems like it would be perfect, but its expensive.

    Is there any cheaper option?

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  3. Jesse

    Do they have anything like this for the T2i/550D (LP-E8 battery)? I'd love to have a giant battery pack connected to my T2i for hours of shooting, and best of all I could hang it off the back of my shoulder rig as a counterweight.

  4. Serge

    "Weighs Only 1.4 ponds" thats kind of heavy to have on the camera in handheld mode, As a counter weight it could work but the cable does not seem to be that long to have at the end of a rig. Plus for $349 plus shipping and taxes I could get about 16 after market batteries, yeah not the same and its a hassel charging and replacing but gets the job done.

  5. Hi.. Would you know if the powerbase can be used as a replacement for the Canon ac adapter ack-e6? Thanks for the recommendation for the Z96 lights.

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