Stream Wireless Video from Canon DSLR to HDMI Monitor with $30 Dollar Google Chromecast

Do you have a Google Chromecast? [we probably have more than 6 ourselves]. If not, you are totally missing out on one of life's little conveniences when it comes to sending media content from your Computer, Smart Phones, and Tablets over to the big screen in your living room. If you're still not quite sure what it is, here's an overview video below from the GearAddix team (below). If you know how it works, you can skip on to the rest of the article.

That video might be a bit outdated as there have been several software upgrades to the product, so it's a lot more full featured. One of those new features (available on Android only) is Screen Casting. You can now cast your entire mobile device screen over to any large television. This has been handy for me as I like to take notes on my Galaxy Tablet, and by broadcasting it to the large 4K TV here at the office we now have a digital White Board in which we can save all of our note taking.

casting galaxy to tv
Casting Samsung Galaxy Tablet Screen as Digital WhiteBoard

Ok, so many of you are interested in DSLR Video, so all this tech chatter probably doesn't mean much, but here's a very cool tip you video shooters may find handy. With the ability to screen cast from your device you can broadcast your Canon DSLR Video wirelessly over to any HDMI monitor or Big Screen. By using the DSLR Controller (android app) and a special USB OTG Cable, the app works as a preview monitor and to control the cameras settings [similar to the EOS Utility Software on a desktop]. Since the App runs on your android device, you can screen cast over to your Google Chromecast which is connected via HDMI to any monitor. Check out the demonstration video below.

Regardless if you're going to use it for DSLR Video, the Google Chromecast actually makes a perfect affordable XMAS present. My kids stream YouTube and Netflix from their iPods all day long over to the television. At around $30 Bucks, it's certainly worth the buy and if you don't want to move it from TV to TV, grab one for each television in your home. (find it here).

google chromecast stream DSLR Video
find-price-button Google Chromecast Wireless HDMI Video Streaming

OTG USB Cable Android Canon DSLR
find-price-button OTG USB Cable Micro to Mini

17 thoughts on “Stream Wireless Video from Canon DSLR to HDMI Monitor with $30 Dollar Google Chromecast

  1. HI, Appreciate the video. Is there a way to avoid paying $1000+ Nikon wireless WT5 system? I am looking to transfer images to a computer or dropbox type server without using their system and without using a mobile devise. My D750 has wireless built in.


  2. To project images taken on your Sony alpha camera, you can connect wirelessly from the camera to the PlayMemories app on your phone (I use android). Then connect direct (wired) from the hdmi out on the phone to a projector. The only issues I have is a 2-to-5 second lag when taking a picture.

  3. Tushar Amin

    I want to connect a Sony dslr with wifi and nfc capability and connect it to smartphone and finally through chromecast to an Hd Tv.Is it possible to stream videos just like how you guys did with canon.

  4. jack

    After you produce all that you did with the Google Chrome is there a way to export that video to a composite for projector screens...? - Just got a request to do this for tomorrow... AAAHHH!!!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @David from France - Sorry, I don't have any ideas. The Chromecast is cool but I wouldn't know how to connect it to a BMPCC. For Canon DSLRs they have apps.

  6. David from France

    Hey Emm, i have a BMPCC and think to buy a Aputure vs-2 , and i was wondering if we can do something with all of this stuff and chromecast ? i've a galaxy note 4 . it will be perfect if any issues exist .

    thank in advance

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Nashman - When my other friends used the monitor the first thing they said was 'Wow it's like looking at an iMac'. The screen is very bright and colors are very vivid. The entire casing around is all metal and there's a good amount of software features like peaking and exposure, but no waveforms. I think it starts at just $300 for HDMI only, but it's really an amazing looking screen.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @AMPM - I dont think that will work because you are using the wifi for the sony app. in my scenario I am using a cable with the app, and my wifi is free to sync with cbromecast.

  9. AMPM

    Sony Smart Remote Control app sends picture & controls over wi-fi to Android devices then use Chromecast from there to HDTV. Works on all A7 models. Install Smart Remote on camera & Playmemories on phone/tablet

  10. chris

    So this is most likely a fools dream...

    Buuut, would it be at all possible to use this technology to stream picture from wi-fi enabled cameras? Namely one like the Sony a7 series. Could a developer create and app that could be downloaded through their PlayMemories store? I don't even know if that marketplace is open to third party developers.

    Hey, a guy can dream.

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