Cheap Speed Crank for Follow Focus

New cheap speed crank for follow focus systems just popped up today. These little levers attach to the side of a Follow Focus knob and makes it easier to move from point to point. The 12mm x 12mm on this crank is an industry standard and should fit Most FF systems (not old RJ ones). The image below looks like they have it mounted on a Fotga, but for sure I know it will work on the new Gini iFocus - I measured mine.

Aluminum, black anodized, 12mmx12mm, and the first time i've seen one below $17 dollars. Just had to grab one for myself (found here).

find-price-button 12x12 Follow Focus Speed Crank Lever

If you guys aren't hip to the Gini Rigs iFocus follow focus, there's some new listings over at the store front (click here).

find-price-button Gini Rigs Follow Focus Shoulder Rigs DSLR Cages

15 thoughts on “Cheap Speed Crank for Follow Focus

  1. Rob S.

    They have a blue handled one up for $22 bucks. Anybody know where I can get a decently cheap focus whip? I could have used one last night for a job.

  2. DL

    i don't have a FF, but out of intellectual curiosity, would a standard 1/2" socket attachment fit this (and whatever else you might thereby be able to attach that way)?

    1" = 25.4mm
    1/2" = 12.7mm (but probably less, to account for slop.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - I think I was one of the first and put this article up several months ago httpss://

  4. Tony

    Oh Emm, I didnt know you had the new gini focus. So is this your new fave budget FF? DFocus or Gini? I need an upgrade from my FFF (Finger Follow Focus).

  5. J Hanna

    Nice. just bought. Looking for one...cheapest I saw was 29dollars. hmm..cherry red. Nice. another color to add to my rig.

  6. Rob S.

    Cool, thanks. I got one. Have you seen the Buy it Now prices for their follow focus? It went up to $650!

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