Sony NEX + $99 Dollar DSLR Stabilizer

I received the $99 Dollar DSLR Shoulder Shooter from today. It was late when I got home, and didn't get to test it out with all my Canon cameras, but I did quickly throw on the Sony NEX which seems perfect for it. I have extra clamps which I was able to mount my Rode VideoMic and my Zoom H4n.

This is a great start to an excellent event coverage type rig for me. Very lightweight and very stable when holding it. Some things i'm looking to improve upon this lightweight setup is to replace the Rode Microphone with something hard mounted, not with a shock mount.

Maybe an Azden Self Powered Mini Shotgun Microphone would suffice.

The Azden SGM-X found at, looks promising.

I also want to replace the Zoom H4n on this rig with the new Zoom H1 (once it ships). This would make it extremely light. Also I may add a very small LED light if I happen to be shooting in a Night Club scene.

click image for pre-order

The Sony doesn't allow me to adjust Aperture manually with the current lens. There is a Canon FD mount adapter that will allow me to use those older Canon FD manual lenses on this Sony, so that should fix that problem. I'll see if I can get one of those to finish it off with a nice FD 50mm. Check out the Canon Lens to Sony NEX adapter.

click image for Canon FD adapter to Sony NEX

Soon i'll get some footage up of a Canon DSLR on this $99 Dollar DSLR Shooter, unless someone beats me to the punch. As of now I love the look of this shoulder rig on this Sony NEX, and the rig seems to be the right size for it.

The Sony NEX interchangeable lens camera is now available at

click image

11 thoughts on “Sony NEX + $99 Dollar DSLR Stabilizer

  1. Ettienne

    A nice little setup above. I am looking to get the above mentioned adapter for FD to NEX and was just wondering if you have in the mean time bought it and how the quality is? It seems there are plenty of adapters with issues out there and I would like to buy the right one the first time..


  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Frizzy - Did it ever occur to you that you're commenting on a post that's over 5 months old? You're a bit late and that item is no longer available. Ask around, you missed the deal....

  3. FRizzy

    The $99 shoulder shooter is linked to $199 items which are really stripped down versions of pictured rigs and none are the "$99 shoulder shooter". Makes me a little nervous. I hope cheesycam never bows to Redrock, Zacuto, etc. This is one of the last few untainted filmmaking resource sites.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    If you have an idea of the accessories you want to add, you can find different clamps available at the website

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  6. Jeremy

    I wouldn't bother with that Azden....I had one a few years ago and thought it was terrible. One of those $20 HTDZ shotguns off eBay would give you the same quality at a fifth of the price.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    Not that I can figure out. It's much like the other cameras in which you need to add a manual lens to control the aperture. Otherwise it keeps auto exposing everything and controlling the aperture.

  8. Jeff

    Looks great should have jumped on that one at that price but you posted that the LCDVF 3:2 was back in stock and I jumped on that. Not to go off subject but were going to do a review on the LCDVF 3:2 any time soon? Even though I got mine coming I love to see reviews of others and how they use it with there set up and there view on the product. Keep up the great work shoulder rig looks solid and simple.

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