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The Sony NEX5n has proved to be a decent little camera especially in low light situations. I tried out the NEX5n briefly but the changing very basic settings through the software menu was a bit annoying. I prefer to shoot with cameras that have quick dials and buttons to change ISO, Aperture, and shutter. So I thought i'd wait out for the NEX-7. I was really interested in getting my hands on a Sony NEX-7, but the problems with production had first delayed, and now limited the amount of units to ever hit retail stores. So far it seems the only way to grab one is through the Marked Up eBay Auctions (here).

Anyone shooting with this camera yet? I've only seen photo and video samples which look really good, and like the Micro Four Thirds cameras, the fact that you can adapt your Nikon or Canon lenses is always a plus. There are some expensive solutions to controlling aperture on Canon's electronic EF lenses, or simple adapters like the Fotodiox with it's own built in Aperture iris. Something i'm looking in to if I can get my hands on an NEX-7.

find-price-button Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter with Built-in Aperture iris

7 thoughts on “Sony NEX-7 Auctions

  1. oscar

    Poor video performance ???? 🙂
    That statement is far from true. Have you shot with the NEX7 at all?
    - We are using the NEX7´s side by side it our 5D2´s footage. If you know how to use it it delivers beautifull clear and sharp video

  2. Philip Bloom recommended this and the NEX-5n for subtle shooting in places where you can't go with a full on DSLR rig at his London workshop.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Greg - You could be making some serious dollars listing them on Auction. I see people buying the ones from Hong Kong and UK for a nice markup. LOL.

  4. "I prefer to shoot with cameras that have quick dials and buttons to change ISO, Aperture, and shutter" you can define these settings on 5N using CUSTOM BUTTONS

  5. Greg

    We sell the bodies frequently here in the UK and they are fairly widely available. The only thing you cant get is the kits with lenses. These should hit the UK some time this month though. Of course you can grab any of the E-mount lenses (all are available) just not in the box with the camera!!

  6. Stephen S.

    You don't want one of those adapters with the iris at the back... it's optically in the wrong place, and will lead to vignetting very quickly, rather than adjusting the exposure as you'd expect.

  7. mike_tee_vee

    I have one, I paid a mint, and honestly I prefer the GH2 over it for video. The choice of lenses (autofocus or other wise) is the main tipping point.

    However, the NEX 7 does take cleaner photos at high ISO, and is a more refined photo tool.

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