30% OFF All Cinevate Sliders

In case you didn't catch the announcement, Cinevate is offering 30% off all Slider Models until February 8th. Find all the models and pricing options through the banner below. Just be sure to the coupon code 'SLDSALE' when checking out.

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11 thoughts on “30% OFF All Cinevate Sliders

  1. Ya, roller bearings are more vulnerable in the elements. If you're looking for a slider that can withstand water, snow, sand or whatever else you can throw at it, the Atlas 30 and Atlas 200 both feature 4 sealed bearings, so if anything gets on your rail it won't make it past the bearing seal. The drawback being they have to run on 2 rails and you can't centre mount it.

  2. A problem I have with roller bearing sliders is if one little grain of sand or dirt on the track will bring your sliding shot to a nasty halt. Were as the friction sliders keeps moving pushing the dirt.

  3. todd

    Thanks, I tried the coupon code the first time, problem was I was using Safari, when I tried Firefox it worked great!

  4. Just be sure to the coupon code 'SLDSALE' when checking out. For the shipping cost, our location in Northern Ontario doesn't help but that's part of why we're offering such a great deal on sliders (our best prices ever)- to help offset the shipping prices. If you have any issues just give us a call or email.


  5. From what I can tell this is really a nice slider compared to most of the competition because even though it is build looking like your standard slider it's actually running on bearings rather than a friction sliding mechanism. And the price point with this discount is unreal! I'm buying one!

  6. Rabi

    Anyone with experience with both the FLT series and the Konova willing to chime in on whether or not the FLT is worth the extra money with this discount?

  7. WebPLC

    @Todd - Just ordered an Atlas slider, put the SLDSALE code at the third step of the checkout process and ordered without a hitch...

    I agree the shipping is expensive (due to size and weight) but their site works perfectly fine, and the slider is most likely a notch above the Konova stuff.

  8. todd

    The discount does not show up in cart, their site is total crap, plus, $50 for the cheapest shipping? Think I will get Konnova instead. I just ordered your Pico Dolly kit, stoked for its arrival!

  9. Austin

    Tempted to try and save up the next paycheck for one but that would mean I'd still be stuck with only one light (a 500 LED panel) Man but the sliders do look amazing.

  10. Awesome deal. Just ordered the atlas flt yesterday! The only bad part of the slider sale is trying to figure out which one to buy! Thanks for always sharing these deals.

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