Sony DSC-HX100v

Sony-HX100V-CameraSony HX100v

Sony's new HX100v is throwing down some wicked specs. Besides basic built in Flash and an HDMI out, the new point and shoot will include a crazy 30x Optical Zoom (27-810mm Equiv), 10fps Burst Photography, 3" Swivel LCD, and even [email protected] Full HD Video. Obviously the new camera will include all of Sony's popular features such as Image Stabilization, Intelligent 3D Sweep Panorama, and in camera HDR imaging. Should be available in the coming weeks..

find-price-button Sony HX100V 16.2MP 30x Zoom [email protected]

5 thoughts on “Sony DSC-HX100v

  1. John

    @Duane Probably because its a point and shoot. I mean for like 80 bucks more you can get my GH1

  2. Same as Eirik^ because I want to use my canon and canon-adapted glass.

    I get so much moire at 720p that i just never shoot 60p anymore.

    This cam is wicked though, nice price too.

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