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A new LED Ring light becomes available. This one looks like the same build as the 352 LED Ring light that I've been using, except the count on this comes to 360 LEDs. I've heard rumors about a new improved version that was being developed, but I can't say if this one is it. It sure does look like the same bracket in the additional photos. This one is powered the same via 12V AC adapter or an optional 12V battery similar to the 352. There's a few other listed specs for the 360 that are better than the 352 including dimmable down to 0% and about $70 dollars cheaper. Now time to hunt down a video review..

find-price-button 360 LED DSLR Video Ring Light w/ Battery

Here's the other 352 LED Ring light Version (below).
find-price-button 352 12V Capable Dimmable LED Ring Light

24 thoughts on “360 LED Video Ring Light

  1. enemybury

    So, did anyone ever come to a conclusion on the 360 led light? I am tossing up between the K&V 300, the Konova 352 and the Indian 360.

    Would be great to get some up to date opinions.


  2. frank

    I own the one form india its real good! lightweight and compact. Not feeling the plate but it will do

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Joel - Here is how someone is mounting it over the lens with an Arri httpss://cheesycam.com/352-led-ring-light-on-arri-alexa/

  4. Joel

    @Emm Great, Thanks for the help!
    Do you think it'd be a good light for a run and gun setup on a shoulder rig or would something like the 312 led panels be better? And if you would use it on a shoulder rig how do you think you'd mount it?

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Joel - If used drectly maybe 4 to 5 feet. But I've used it well to light areas and products. I also boom it for a hair shoulder type light. For products it has a very nice effect. It would be easy to just add LEE ND filters (gels) to cut it down more.

  6. Joel

    I'm also very interested in a review or video of this light in action. I really hope someone who already bought it will share more info! @Mike, @Tommy.

    @Emm you said the Konova 352 LED Ring light is still very bright even when dimmed down. Maybe uncomfortably bright for the subject. What do you think the minimum distance needed to not blind your subject is?

  7. Jeremy

    Any more reviews? I am very interested in grabing one for a music video shoot that requires the ring light look.

  8. Mike

    @Emm - Oh it goes wayyyy brighter. Those shots are probably all easily under 50% brightness on the light. If I recall my iso was most likely 100 or 200.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Mike - What ISO were you set to? I think if you boosted your ISO a bit, you could get it brighter.

  10. dxl

    the hum and buzz might go away when using with battery?
    since its power supply spec is different from north america

    i got the ring352 one, its dead quite but it doesn't dim low enough as
    they listed 10% or 5% from one seller. it look more like 30 ~40% at lowest setting.

    i'm looking to get a cheap inline LED dimmer to connect it to a battery then to to light, hope the second dimmer will help dim the light even further

    two dimmers for LED light? works?

  11. Tim

    Hey Mike,

    Can you post a link with some sample images? Also, does the manufact. offer a battery pack?


  12. Mike

    I've had mine for about a month now. Its weight is listed on the purchase page, so if you don't want a light that weighs a measly 2lbs, read the description.

    Yes- it hums a frequency. Mine is loudest somewhere around 75-80%. Unless you are shooting in complete silence, it's not noticeable. Also, the frequency can be easily removed by EQ'ing your audio in post production. Not completely desirable, but I digress.

    My only complaint is that I didn't buy it with the battery pack. I bought a separate 12v battery pack on ebay and the coaxial power adapter (DC barrel adapter) is the wrong size and it's been a pain to find a connector.

    And the pattern of the light is definitely circular. The beam spread is 45 degrees as opposed to the 352 LED from Konova, which has a 30degree beam spread. That's also clearly listed in the description.

  13. dxl

    Tommy have you received yours yet? can u really dim from 0 to 100%?
    any high pitched noise?

  14. Tommy

    Any other reviews? I bought it before Max Rebel posted his take. Now im on edge about a bad purchase and worse yet its non-refundable!

  15. Max Rebel

    I just received mine and it TERRIBLE.

    The build quality is what I expected for 140$ but...

    Its heavy, the light falloff is terrible and not circular and it makes a INSANE NOISE as you increase the dimm to 100%

    An I mean INSANE NOISE comparable to the high pitch noise 20 CRT Tube TV's would produce... Even my DOG thought I was calling him.

    Returning to company.

  16. I can't wait to see a test of it. If it is as good as the last, I'd pick one up in an instant. My 352 is my favorite and most used light.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @trevor - You could build your own with (2) 7.2V batteries run together to equal 14.4V like I used here: httpss://cheesycam.com/last-minute-glidecam-mods/

  18. Herb

    The other thing I noticed is that the cheaper 360 LED is from India, not S. Korea, The S. Korean one is from Konova, a company with whom I had a decent ordering experience.

    They very well may be the same build and the Indian one is $100 cheaper, but I might wait and let someone else try it out.

  19. trevor

    Hey Emm,

    I don't think that includes a battery...at least it doesn't say it includes on one the ebay description...

    Can you verify that?

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