SmallHD DP4-EVF Overview

Let me warn you now that this video is about 25 minutes long. It's a thorough video explaining all the bits about the SmallHD DP4-EVF. If you jump on over to about 19 minutes in, you see a Drop, Throw, Toss, Helicopter Crash, Car Crash, DP4 damage test. Yeah I know some of you might have something to say about the editing, but take a look. The DP4 is definitely a solid unit, but not something I want to try on my own. Info on the DP4 found here:

9 thoughts on “SmallHD DP4-EVF Overview

  1. Amused Observer

    Note to smallHD guys:

    Not to "pile on", but next time consider hiring a spokesperson (like OliviaTech) do the talking for you.


  2. Todd

    Tiger Direct/CompUSA sells a blue 90 degree swivel mini HDMI adapter for $20. This might solve some flex issues on the camera.

    I have the DP4 monitor and must say that the build quality is top notch! Solid feel, great material and finish choices. The functionality of this monitor is brilliant. Much better than the Marshall 5" monitor. Worth every penny.

  3. HD-tography

    That Video was... TEDIOUS ... to say the least...

    I kept expecting them to kiss each other at the end...

    However, the MEGA abuse and RC car/helicopter crashing into the very pricey gear made up for it... Can't say I watched the whole thing, but maybe half of it was bearable.

    Thanks for sharing, I think.

  4. Be careful with the mini HDMI connector. Our crew has busted 2 7D mini hdmi ports internally, and broke 2 mini connectors clean off inside another 7D.

    A 90 degree mini is an absolutely necessary upgrade. As of yet we have been unable to find one. That being said we love the our DP4's

  5. Just a quick comment on the lens cap idea. Unfortunately, since the threads on the eyepiece are the reverse of what you'd find on a lens, the factory installed UV filter is installed backwards. You can see this in the video. The plastic 46mm lens caps will not fit because you are essentially trying to fit it in the 'small' end of the filter. Perhaps a slightly smaller "cup" style cap could be made to fit. It is a great little monitor, but I'm waiting for that firmware update.

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