Skyler MiniCam Transformer Legs

Skyler MiniCam Video Stabilizer
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The Skyler MiniCam (seen above) is one of the smallest Video Camera Stabilizers around, and can still fly a fairly weighted DSLR Camera. It's an expensive piece of kit, but my favorite stabilizer to travel with. To make the Skyler even smaller and faster to setup, there's a new optional Transformer Legs kit. It allows you to fold the three counterweight legs instead of unscrewing each one on the for the Skyler MiniCam Video Camera Stabilizer.

Skyler Transformer LegsSkyler MIniCam Stabilizer Transform Legs
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5 thoughts on “Skyler MiniCam Transformer Legs

  1. This is pretty awesome looking and more stylish than the stabilizer I had built. Will look into this although it is more pricier than the one I made.

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