Simple SunwayFoto Lens Zoom / Focus Lever

Let's face it, most guys won't ever use a Follow Focus system that requires rails to mount, and lens gears to shift around. There's plenty of people who are already happy with something as simple as a Silicone Jar Opener to help move that lens gear around. Especially for some of those Panasonic lenses that seem to rotate forever. Check out the video from Vimeo member Tony Carretti a while back (below).

There's been plenty of DIY ideas based around a little handle around the lens gear, some that mount on the lens ring using zip tie straps, some methods using pipe clamps and bolts. All very effective methods for the filmmaker on a budget. Now if you like the idea, but are concerned about the aesthetics of your gear (maybe to impress your clients), check out the adjustable focus / zoom lever from Sunwayfoto.

The Focusing lever is precision machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminum with an Anodized finish, solid and durable. To maintain a slim profile, they come in about 4 different sizes from small to large depending on the diameter of the lenses you're trying to mount these to. More information on these things following the link (click here).
find-price-button Adjustable Focus / Zoom Lever SunwayFoto - via eBay

Also available via Amazon (click here)
find-price-button Sunwayfoto Focus Lens Zoom Lever Handle - via Amazon


19 thoughts on “Simple SunwayFoto Lens Zoom / Focus Lever

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Mearle - Oh, LOL. I thought you were talking about the Sunway. I guess you were talking about the silicone ones. Thanks for clarification.

  2. ...and there no size printed specified at all on the label. These measure 7" in length folded flat. I'll get a refund tomorrow. At least I bought locally. Pity the folks who order them on-line. Those listings don't seem to show size variation either; they just claim to fit most jars. 3 colors of the same thing.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Mearle - They are available in several different sizes. Do you just have one size?

  4. What a mistake! These are way too small for a Canon 24-105mm zoom. It won't lock tight. The internal gear teeth end before the slider reaches down to them. It barely locks on my 26-35mm, but then turning it loosens it again and it just falls off. NOT recommended unless you have a small lens.

  5. Chaz Rough

    I went to Bed bath & Beyond today and purchased a couple of them and I must say I am impressed with how well it works with the lens... thanks for the great tip!

  6. JSS

    Its a great cheap idea. I actually use one on an ENG camera at work from time to time. Not perfect for every use but still useful. And if you don't like it you have a brand new jar opener!

  7. MN

    Everything old is new again, eh?

    I used to zoom my old film lenses this way... Maybe I'm cine-nostalgic, but I always liked the haphazard way a zoom lens would push or pull when being operated by hand.

    See just about any film made in the 70's

    It's never smooth, and that's a good thing.

  8. David OShea

    Another cheap option, I just purchased yesterday, A large Jubilee Clip. Cheap as chips a seems to work fine. I drilled a hole in mine on to the but sticking out and attached a nut and bolt as a handle..

  9. Awesome! I have been using other Mamiya Lens levers for a while, hard to find on ebay at least for the low that is.

    I have these as well which for for 3 sizes is not bad for the price, but not as cool looking.

    These pentax pullers work great too.

  10. Carlos

    I agree. I have 2 of them, one for focus and one for zoom, great in different colors. But he is right, you need a free moving lens, mine is! My issue is that they do not stay tight on the lens, that little black piece moves enough to make it not grip. If you want to use it to play with, then is a great little tool.

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