Alesis TwoTrack Portable Digital Recorder


The Alesis TwoTrack portable digital audio recorder sees a small price drop. Yup, looks like a Zoom H1 with X/Y stereo mics, 3.5mm Mic Input, headphone monitoring, adjustable Gain, and built in Auto levels if you're lazy. A steel threaded insert for tripod mount, and no web articles about battery drain issues. Audio can be recorded as 16-bit, 44.1 stereo wav file, or an MP3 at up to 192kbps, and stores them on the 128MB of internal memory, or to widely-available SD/SDHC (not microSD) cards with capacities up to 8GB. Operates on a single AA battery. Don't be fooled by the TwoTrack name, it just means Left/Right Channel from the stereo mics. Audio as good as the Zoom H1? Hmm..maybe not.

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11 thoughts on “Alesis TwoTrack Portable Digital Recorder

  1. jan klamer

    Bought the unit and after an hour playing around now packed it to ship back.

    Mic gain is low, Noise is terrible, coding quality s#cks.

    it's a toy. buh bah.

  2. I am a proud owner of Alesis palmtrack and I brought twotrack just now.I am not at all satisfied with its performance.You can't the mic gain is poor,unless you position the mic as closer as two or three inches.Its appearance is like a toy.

  3. Personally I would get Tascam DR05 it's better it goes up to 96khz uncompressed wav. You can attach shotgun mic infront. It feels much more solid then z1 and no battery issues. You can change clean capture/output levels. Price is not much different. Only problem is the micro sd card. I have so many class 6 SDcards so bit of a waste.

  4. min

    It looks like there's a mic gain button so AGC shouldn't be an issue.

    I really wish someone would make a small recorder like this with the headphone out and line in on the bottom. I practically use my zoom h1 as a handheld mic replacement and i hate having the wires sticking out the side and getting in the shot. +1 for the metal tripod mount, another thing I hate about the h1.

  5. If it's only 44.1khz it's gonna be a deal beaker for any kind of serious video work. Even stock footage companies require 48khz 16bit audio. It may ok for private use but unless its free you get more from an iPhone.

  6. @Emm, I know this is off topic but do you know where I can attempt to find the Handy Film tools rig at to see what they might have up for grabs?

    I know the site now seems to be another company, a sort of rental house?

    Their facebook is unresponsive...
    I guess they must have gone under...

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