Simple 3″ LCD Sunshade Hood

Just a few days ago I pointed out the Vello LCD Sunshade for articulating LCDs. A few comments pointed out that they were looking for a simple hood that attaches to a Zacuto frame. I'm guessing because they don't have a swing out LCD that the Vello can attach to. Today I run into this other simple LCD hood / shade on eBay that can attach to both 3" swing out LCDs or to standard rear LCD monitors.

As simple as these things are, if you've even had to cover your LCD with your hand, you'll know how helpful it can be to help set color and exposure in the bright sun. It attaches over the DSLR body through bungee straps which doesn't look overly complicated for you to DIY. Some firm cardboard, a bit of cloth (heck even duct tape), and a stretchy garter should be enough to make your own version for any size LCD. You can see more images of how they have it put together at the product page (Click here).

Simple DSLR Video LCD SunshadeSimple LCD Sunshade Hood
find-price-button 3" DSLR Video Camera LCD Video Sunshade Hood

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @marshall - To clarify, most products reference the T2i, T3i, and 60D as a 3.2" LCD. For the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D it's a 3" LCD. If you plan on getting any LCD product make sure it says 3.2" or sometimes 3:2 version.

  2. Same experience as Dave, but with my T3i.

    Its a hair too small and even strapped down well, it lets light in the top (because of any slight bend in the material) defeating the point.

    Wasted money.

    (sad trombone sound)

  3. Got mine yesterday. I ordered the 3-inch and it's too small for my T2i screen. Kinda flimsy too, but for the price I couldn't really expect more.

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