Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Retina Display

I opted in for the Apple MacBook Air because I wanted something with super long battery life and super lightweight. Now the Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display has these features along with a powerhouse of specs under the chassis. The new retina display, performance, and long battery life in this little form factor just kills every other portable laptop system on the market. I'm sold.

I just called in to a local store, they don't have it in stock yet. They are available to purchase on the website, but if you're like most people who ummm want to 'defer' a hundred dollars of sales tax (and file it at the end of the year), you can also find a few options for pre-order on websites like B&H.

Apple new MacBook Pro Retina

Here's some additional links to the pre-orders.

20 thoughts on “Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Retina Display

  1. @ Jason - The desktop runs in a pixel multiplied mode but my research leads me to believe that this is for application compatibility. The new Safari, iMovie, etc. all run at high resolution and are supposed to look amazing. Also, Diablo III runs at 2880x1800 and also is supposed to look amazing. I've read the same article and further down the page they talk about how great pictures look at 2880x1800.

    There are also many rumours floating around which claim the hardware can't drive the display at that resolution and the pixel doubling is a workaround...I don't believe that to be true.

    We just need to be patient for the software people to catch up. Adobe has already stated that they're working on a CS6 update to support that resolution natively. Given how rapidly Adobe releases updates for their creative suite products these days, I don't expect that wait to be long.

    You can also read this article that I found helpful:

    ...which states: "Perhaps the only thing you’ll miss about your 17-inch laptop is the workout you get from carrying it around."

  2. Gabriel

    @ James

    Nobody is forcing you to purchase the most expensive MacBook pro they do offer non retina display MacBook pros with the same price points as last sesson.

    Also I did some pricing on the apple site and if I got the non retina display MacBook pro and added the SSD etc.... It would be a better deal to get the retina display.... At least for my money. Better buy what I will need long term then by mediocre over and over.

  3. Jason

    Be aware the "retina display" is less useful than it is on the ipad/iphone.

    Anandtech just reviewed it and says it uses the extra pixels to map one detailed pixel. There is no native 2880x1800 mode. The greatest effective desktop area is 1920x1200. The standard res is still the 1440x900. They use 4 pixels to map every one pixel, so its just more detail, not more screen real estate. Kinda defeats the purpose if you ask me. At 15" and 2-3 feet away you don't really see the pixels anyway. I"d rather have more screen real estate than details at 15"

  4. rabby

    Ah! should have waited, I bought 2 months ago 2011 version, but my is 17" so right now I guess they don't have it in 17" I guess. I am happy with it so far, Retina display looks amazing.

  5. @Emm - That was a big selling point. Coming from Windows with an external hard drive workflow I needed USB 3 so I wasn't taking any steps backwards.

    I'll also be using the new HDMI port for my BenQ 30" display. Technically I could get another and go DVI via Thunderbolt and have two, 30" displays for less than one of the Apple 27 inchers.

    The lack of optical drive means nothing to me because I already use an external burner so I can cook Blurays. I'd rather save the weight and thickness.

    The size was the clincher. It's thinner than a 13" Air at the thickest part of the wedge. Right now I'm using a 17" Sony boat anchor with a screen that can't reproduce sRGB to save it's life (even with calibration).

  6. Marc B

    I went the B&H route for my MacBook Pro last year to save on sales tax and shipping and found the exact specs I was looking for.

  7. James

    This is £1800 for the 15" base model in the UK way too expensive for a 15in laptop even if it does have a retina display....who are apple kidding...and you can't upgrade the SSD on the base model from 256GB, but you can on the more expensive one. In an office you need a Ethernet port for guaranteed connectivity and have to buy an adapter. Daylight robbery if you ask me. Buy a Microsoft laptop and save yourself £1000+. Too many limitations and I'm falling out with Apple and back to Microsoft. At least they are getting their act togther and their is no monopoly on the hardware. Apple are losing the average person focus and think they can just up prices and keep bleeding them dry..well Thats it..I won;t be buying apple products again...Android, Microsoft here I come.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Brandon - They will have a Thunderbolt to Firewire 800 adapter, but i'm guessing the idea is to be able to work with External Drives for editing since the internal can't be upgraded. You'll eventually run out of space.

  9. @moebius22 - The base model is already a jump for me in processor speed (and generation of i7 architecture) and a doubling in ram. I don't need performance better than that and don't expect to for some time. The durability of build, display, and thin-ness make it worth the $2200 for me.

    My workflow already makes heavy use of external hard drives for my video workflow. I only need enough internal SSD for the clips I'm working on that day. With thunderbolt, that workflow should be enhanced over my current USB 3.0 solution.

  10. @moebius22
    It does state "Soldered to the board". Is it possible to still get it upgraded through someone that CAN solder the memory to the board?

  11. Brandon

    Annoyed that they swapped in two thunderbolt ports for a USB 3 port. Would have rather had 3 USB ports, I don't have a need for 2 thunderbolt ports. Thunderbolt displays are too expensive for me...

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @moebius22 - This was already the case with my MacBook Air for both hard disk space and memory. Just gotta dish out an buy the best one to suit you and be content. I'm very happy with my Macbook Air and never found the need to upgrade, except now. Thunderbolt, extended battery, lightweight, retina display, etc. There's a bunch of new goodies in the Pro, that no laptop could have upgraded to even if you could just swap out memory and hard drive.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - I just sold a few of my old Lenses and camera bodies. Was saving up for something else, but I think this will fit nicely into my needs... Or maybe i'm just saying that to try and justify it to my wife..

  14. Tony

    $2800! you really have to be drunk on the Koolaid to justify that outside of a thriving business model. Emm is a millionaire lol =)

  15. I was waiting for the Asus Zenbook Prime for the same reasons Emm stated: Good performance, small package, great battery life. I'm a PC guy and I ordered one in the base spec immediately. I'm convinced that nobody will match this combination of specs for a long long time.

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