Silicone Skins for your Body

dslr silicone body case covers
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Keep that darn thing covered!!! It's what mamma used to say to me back when I was in High School. Funny thing, I didn't own a camera back then. Still don't quite get it...

Anyways, it's good advice for those of you throw your cameras in the trunk of your car without any regret to possible scratches and damage. This Silicone DSLR body cover might be a good thing to have for a 550D / T2i since they aren't very weather-proof or have a Magnesium Alloy frame like the bigger brothers. Also available for Nikon the less fortunate.. (OK just kidding!!! No hate mail!! Sheesh take a joke guys..hahaha).You can find the Silicone DSLR Camera Body Case Covers by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “Silicone Skins for your Body

  1. @Emm: it looks as if there's a big hole on the bottom side, maybe with some snipping it will fit.
    I'll keep looking for people out there who have one of these, and tried a grip.

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