Sigma SD1 46MP Camera

This latest SD1 46MP DSLR from Sigma does not shoot video. The 46MP sensor is actually calculated from individual layers of RGB, with each layer capturing a little more than 15MP each. This camera is extremely old news for those who follow Photography cameras, but just wanted to post the latest news on pricing. For some time now everyone was expecting the retail price to come in at about $9,700. B&H has posted a page with the retail price about $3,000 dollars less, so good news for those who were eyeballing this - (still not available).

Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 7.05.22 AM
find-price-button Sigma SD1 Flagship 46MP DSLR

5 thoughts on “Sigma SD1 46MP Camera

  1. Ian

    Sigma SD1 46MP Camera WAY OVER PRICED! AND I MEAN WAY OVERPRICED.. BUY A CANON 5D m2 or a NIkon D700 for much, MUCH more...

  2. Damen Stephens

    Umm - this article is VERY wrong ... for quite some time now everyone was expecting (as Sigma had pretty much stated themselves) that this camera would be slightly less expensive than a Canon 5d II or Nikon D700 ... it was only about a 2 weeks ago that Sigma announced their ridiculously high price and caused a huge furore and much laughter. It was only about a week ago in response to this outpouring of derision that they reduced this stupidly indefensible price to an, ahem, "street price" of $6,500 or so ... which is STILL $4,500 more than they said it should be ... So no - not "good news" at all, just slightly less "bad news" than they previously announced.

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