SD Error microSDXC Card Requirements GoPro HERO4

Now that I have one perfectly working GoPro Hero4, I started looking into the SD Error that I was getting previously. The user manual that comes with your GoPro HERO4 may tell you that a Class 10 microSD Card is required, but that general piece of information is not enough.

My Sandisk Ultra microSDXC cards although rated at Class 10 have a Max. Read Speed: 30MB/s & Min. Write Speed: 10MB/s. In order to work seamlessly i'll need to step up to the Sandisk Extreme Plus which is also a Class 10, but with a Max Read Speed of : 80MB/s & Max. Write Speed: 50MB/s. Here's a list of suggested cards so far according to the GoPro Support webpage.

sandisk microsdxc hero4
find-price-button SanDisk Extreme 32GB microSDHC

sandisk microsd card
find-price-button SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSDXC

microsd card class 10 hero4
find-price-button Lexar 32GB SDHC 633x

gopro hero4 microsd card speed
find-price-button Lexar 64GB SDXC 633x

These Samsung Pro microSD cards also appear to be able to handle the speed requirements. Since there's a delay on shipping the other cards, I'm probably going to give these a try.

samsung pro microsd 64GB goPro hero4 4k videosamsung pro microsd 32GB goPro hero4 4k video.jpg
find-price-button Samsung Pro MicroSD Cards


45 thoughts on “SD Error microSDXC Card Requirements GoPro HERO4

  1. Mads Veland

    Does this micro SD work for GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition?
    "SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSD U3 microSDXC 60MB/s* Card 4K Class3"?

    When I put it in, comes SD ERR

  2. Jairo

    Hi there, in having some problems with my hero 4 when inserting the SD (extrme plus 32gb) my hero gives me a SD error and the camera starts geting extrmely hot i tied deliting all format and it cant delete any one have any idea what could this be??

  3. Jose

    I just bought a go pro hero 4 sliver and the San disk unltra plus doesn't work with it keeps saying errors

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @John Lim - Yes you can use a USB battery to charge the gopro and can even run all day with and external usb battery.

  5. John

    I also got sd error on my new gopro4....
    ...will buying new card fix it or i can fix
    it with out buy a new card

  6. Confused

    Update. Received the 2nd Samsung Pro 64gb I ordered & that works great. So far anyway. The 1st eventually stopped working on the GS5, Surface Pro 3 & MacBook Air. Pending refund.

  7. Confused

    Hero4 Silver. I can record no issues with Samsung EVO 64gb. When I use the Samsung PRO 64gb, I get the SD Error. Weird. No issues with the PRO on a Galaxy S5, or Windows 8.1 or OSX Yosemite. Tried formatting from HERO4, GS5 & Yosemite & still get the SD Error 🙁

  8. simon


    I am running at 2.7 , 24fps, my files are in front of me, I am using up 1gb for about 3mins of footage. So I would be getting about 90mins in 32GB or 180mins in 64GB. I recommend bringing an external hard drive unless you can afford lots of high spec microSD cards. Even then I would prefer to back them off the microSD card onto hard drive ASAP. For you, obviously at that rate you will get less footage onto the card. Hope that helps good luck with your projecdt

  9. Ruben

    I'm going on vacation and i will not be able to import all the recorded footage to my laptop because i don't take it with me.

    I want to record a lot when i'm on vacation and i have to know how many hours i can shoot with a 64GB micro sd card with the go pro 4 black in the highest resolution. 4k fps 30?

    Can anyone help me out? So i can calculate how many sd cards i will need.

    Thank you so much!


  10. Alex G

    Thank you Emm,

    Unfortunately the exFAT format didn't work - still getting 17 minute 41 second segments. exFAT should recognise files >4gb and also the fact that all the segments end at the same time points to the problem not being with the SD card but a camera setting.

    Does anyone get unlimited video or is the camera faulty?

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex G - You would not use NTFS, but you could use the exFAT format. That supports files larger than 4GB each.

  12. Alex G

    Found this link on another forum. The Hero3 and 4 are limited to the 17 minutes because memory card in the FAT32 format that cannot record higher than 3.94 gig (17 minutes 42 seconds).
    Here is the YouTube link:
    I have asked the question - can the card be formatted to say NTFS format? but haven't got a reply as yet.

    As the guy says in the video there is no loss of video, it just gets split accordingly.

  13. Alex G

    I have the 17 minute plus some seconds as well but the Hero 4 Silver just starts another video of the same length. I can splice them for the whole ride. On a 40 minute motorcycle ride I got 17 minutes x 2 plus just over 6 minutes. Can't find any settings to change in the camera

  14. Ward

    Plus, the sandisk was updated with a new set of files from the gopro website as advised by one of their "help" individuals.

  15. Ward

    Also having problems with the hero 4 black stalling (using the sandisk extreme plus card 64 GB) at 1080 30FPS with no additional camera features turned on. Getting the bandaid icon after turning it back on. After transferring the files to my computer via GoPro studio, I find files of 17 min 42 sec with the last file showing only 5 to 6 minutes. My best total time of continuous filming is 1.5 hrs but current times are below 30 min. All attempts have been with a fully charged bat (five plus hrs of charging). Not sure what the problem is so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  16. andrew

    i dont have SD card error but my Gopro 4 silver is not working properly.

    I just opened my gopro 4 silver, it turns on and the touch screen works (swipes etc) but the LCD doesnt display anything other than black and i know the screen is on because the numbers and information is on the top and bottom screen in white text but no image or whatever I am facing the camera to.

    Second, i was able to go through the menu options early on but now once i make a selection on the menu (i.e. setup etc) it freezes and nothing happens.

  17. Ryan S.

    I got a Hero 4 Black for Christmas. I bought a ScanDisk Extreme Plus 32gb from Best Buy and I get a SD ERR. Even after formating the card it still says SD ERR. This seems to be the top recommended card, what gives?

  18. dave

    My gopro hero 4 black records for 10 seconds then goes pixelated! Anybody got the same thing or know how to fix it?
    Am using a PNY class 10 card but no matter what frame rate or resolution i use it faults.

  19. NoobGProOwner

    Hello everyone, i'm confuse in either buying "SANDISK EXTREME PLUS" at US $93.35 OR "SANDISK EXTREME PRO" at US $139.99 I would love to buy the SANDISK EXTREME PLUS if it can support my hero 4 black for 4k video since it's much cheaper than the SANDISK EXTREME PRO

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @przemek - Oh ok, sorry my mistake. YES I myself am using the Samsung Pro SDHC on my GoPro HERO4 without any card errors and used it in many different framerates and settings.

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @przemek - I'm confused at the question. What is a gp4? Do you mean GH4? The max fps is only 96fps.

  22. Robert Galindo

    Just bought a hero 4 silver and got a lexar 300x 16 gb and it didint work.could it be my SD card?

  23. chris

    i have a 32g sandisk extreme plus but my 4 black freezes with or without a card in it. it will freeze on start the menus..etc. it's incredibly annoying, and saddening. i have a fuji elite pro 32g that gets no errors and has successfully recorded 45 seconds before the camera froze.

    it freezes up so fast i can't even format my cards. so i think it's a bum camera 🙁


  24. Daniel

    Ok thank you (:. One last question, i was talking with someone from gopro support before and he told me that the regular extreme one will work like the plus, like i dont need the plus, what do you think about that?


  25. Daniel

    I can buy one 64 its not a problem. But it will work fine right? The 64 gb sandisk extreme plus


  26. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel - Best Buy would be good. You can shoot quite a bit on the 32GB, maybe get a few of those instead of one large 64GB.

  27. Daniel

    So if ill buy from bestbuy will it be going for the real thing for sure? And should i buy the 64 or the 32?


  28. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel - There is the Extreme and the Extreme Plus. Go for the Extreme Plus and make sure you buy it from a legit company. There are many counterfeit cards out there, hard to tell as they can make the labels look real.

  29. Daniel

    And what about the sd errors that ppls talking about? Do you have akype or anything that you can explain to me better?


  30. Hey there! I just picked up the Hero4 Black and Silver and... wow!! This is my first gopro and I must say, I am one happy videographer lol!! I want to report that I purchased the "SanDisk Extreme Plus sdHC 32gb" and also the "Samsung Pro sdHC 32gb", and they work great! I recorded 30sec to 1min clips at each of the possible video formats, 4k 30/24, 2.7k 48/30/24, 1080 120/90/60, etc. At first I played them using quicktime and found that 4k would skip and pause. I thought maybe the cards did not work for 4k, as I've seen "MicBergsma" (youtube gopro tuts gold!) uses the faster more expensive "SanDisk Extreme PRO" cards. But, after loading all clips into Premiere Pro CC, All files 4k, 1080 at 120fps, worked perfectly. I also have the battery bacpac and have had no heating issues thus far. Hope this helps and happy shooting!


  31. Just plugged in my SanDisk Extreme into Hero 4 Black edition and got the SD error within 30 seconds of filming. I reformatted it and tried again, yet still received the error. I guess I have no choice but to purchase a better read/write speed. 🙁

  32. So after having numerous card errors, I ordered a Samsung 64gb using the link in your article, and just got back from a shoot with no errors this time. I'm going to try and return the Lexar card and just hope it isn't my Hero4 Black that is the problem.

  33. Emm

    Post author

    @Bob Peak - Thanks for the update. I ordered a Samsung too, just haven't been able to get a working GoPro HERO4 to test (long story).

  34. My Hero4 arrived yesterday and I slapped my new Lexar 64gig 95mb/x card into. Card error right off the bat. Took it out, put it back in, reformatted it, stared recording fine for about 30 seconds and then card error again. I tried this over and over and got the same thing no matter if I was shooting time lapse or smaller frame size video.

    I didn't have any other cards, so I put in one of my slower SanDisk Ultra 64g cards, and voila, no card error. I ran it at 4k 24fps last night for 1 hour and go NO error. Just got back from flying it on my Phantom and never had a single error. I ordered one of the new Samsung cards and will try that tomorrow after it arrives.

  35. Brian

    GoPro introduced firmware to prevent high data rate writing with the Hero3 I believe and restricted the Hero3+ to a select group of cards for "full" performance. Everything else was data limited.

    From personal experience with post headaches, buy the U3 cards for 4k. Don't buy anything cheaper or slower. If you're shooting high FPS 1080 then doesn't hurt to stick U3 as well. If standard 1080/30 or 1080/24 style that's really where those "class 10" cards start topping out. Some can do 1080/60, some can't.

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