Goodbye iPhone 3Gs Hello Samsung Epic Galaxy S

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Here's a shameless plug on my own blog in hopes to raise funds for more camera gear. LOL. I just listed my 16GB iPhone 3Gs with Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case on auction today. I've upgraded to the Samsung Epic Galaxy S and pretty happy with Android so far. Here's my auction if anyone is interested: iPhone 3Gs 16GB with Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case

11 thoughts on “Goodbye iPhone 3Gs Hello Samsung Epic Galaxy S

  1. Serge,

    On the low end phones things are kiddy, but use a real android and you will see that the newest market is even better than itunes store, and with Google Music you can use literally no space on your phone. i love it. I have used Android 1.3 through 2.3.5 and Iphone through IOS4, and even WP7 mango. Android is far ahead as the best choice as far as functionality and features. oh and flash kicks butt.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    Yeah it was tough to kick the iPhone habit. I had to check myself in to a rehab clinic. I still have an iPad so i'm good with that.

  3. itsjohnny

    Why change? I invested quite a bit on music and apps on my iPhone. I don't know if I can switch to Android that easily.

  4. Simon

    Wow, great offer! I am really interested since my own 3GS got stolen some weeks ago -.-
    ... Please tell me, you also ship internationally 🙂

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