Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB Solid State Deal

If your camera (i.e BlackMagic 4K) or external video recorder (i.e. Atomos Ninja) requires a Solid State Drive for capturing, here's a good deal. Included with your purchase is a 10 Year Warranty on this 480GB Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD deal today (click here).

Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD
find-price-button 480GB Sandisk Extreme Pro Solid State Drive

[Tip:] If you're running out of space on a MacBook Pro, you can also take advantage of the fast SSD speeds to make your own Thunderbolt External Drive to edit video with using an external adapter (article here).

One thought on “Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB Solid State Deal

  1. FabDex

    I wouldn't recommend this for the Blackmagic: the drive is 7mm thick and the BMCC and BMPC use 9mm drives. Unless you shim it, it will not form a very sturdy connection if you're moving the camera.

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