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If you're looking for an affordable yet feature packed Wireless Follow Focus system then you may have seen the PDMovie Remote Air. Available in a few different packages, B&H currently has at least one of the PDMovie Wireless Follow Focus kits in stock, and here's an overview video via iKan Corp.

Different bundles are available for Single Channel (1 motor), Dual Channel (2 motors), and packages with Standard Motors and High Torque motors. Find out more details about the PDMovie Remote Air WFF at B&H (click here).

PDMovie Remote Air Wireless Follow Focus iKan FF WFF
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5 thoughts on “PDMovie Remote Air Wireless Remote Follow Focus

  1. pierre


    here are the dimensions (found on Cinegearpro UK):

    • Remote: 21 x 4.5 x 2.3cm
    • Receiver: 10 x 6.6 x 2.3cm
    • Motor EF: 8 x 4.6 x 3cm
    • Motor MAX: 8 x 4.6 x 4cm

    • Remote: 427g
    • Receiver: 206g
    • Motor EF: 340g
    • Motor MAX: 504g

    I just bought the single channel bundle with a standard motor for less than 1000 Euros (I leave in France): this price is what I have been waiting for years.

    The motor (340gr) and the receiver (206gr) must be kept together because the cable between them is not thin and may disturb a Gimbal stabiliser.

    So I ended adding more than 500 gr to my gymbal, but I dont think another follow focus would mutch ligther

    I am very happy with this wireless follow focus: noise is very low. Calibration is easy. great precision. good wireless range. I love it!

  2. pierre

    There is no information available on Ikan or B&H about the weight of this motor. Where did you find it? Is the receiver heavy?

  3. pierre

    Looks way better than the wondlan & jag 35 servo based stuff and cheaper than the Redrock Micro. A good solution for a gimbal Stabiliser?

  4. I had a chance to play with the standard torque version for half an hour. It performed solidly on a cinevised 18-35 and had no probs with lag or torque. There was some noise but not loud enough to be a deal breaker.2 things i didn't like was the lack of buttons on the remote, all functions were performed using one button and multiple presses also didn't like the length of the remote I'd have preferred it wider than taller. Im prob going to get one because for the price its great and my lenshound is about 5 months from shipping

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