S1A1 Single Axis Motion Control Add-on for Shark Video Sliders

Here's a look at the new S1A1 (single axis) Motion Control System that can be added to the iFootage Shark Slider and expand it's functionality. With the S1A1 Motion Control add-on you can now wireless control the movements of the Shark Slider and also program the system for advanced Time Lapse functions.

To keep this video somewhat short, I'm not going to show you instructions on how to program the S1A1 unit. Instead i'm just showing you some of the features and how it performs. Check out the video below.

At slow speeds the motor is near silent which means you can use it for live interviews without interfering with audio. If you're looking for that slider shot and work as with a minimal crew, the S1A1 can be programmed to 'loop' and will continuously travel back and forth. If you have specific points along the slider that it needs to travel, you can record your movements and play them back to repeat once, or loop infinitely.

For advanced timelapse the S1A1 can be peformed to do a slow crawl, or move at set intervals and exposure times. A wireless receiver can also be used to trigger your camera's shutter so that it is in sync with the S1A1 System and does not move during your exposure.

The menu is a bit confusing (at least it was for me), but once it's been explained, it's pretty easy to navigate. And because that instructional part of the video could be lengthy, i'll post up a separate video on how to enter those features in to the software. If you'd like to find out more about the Shark Slider and the new S1A1 Motion Control System, please visit Camotionllc.com (click here).

shark slider motion control motorizeds1a1
Learn-More-sm iFootage Shark Slider + S1A1 Motion Control System

9 thoughts on “S1A1 Single Axis Motion Control Add-on for Shark Video Sliders

  1. Kevin Martis

    The Shark Slider itself is worth every penny and is a very fair market price for what you get. The S1A1 is way overpriced considering the alternatives on the market. I've been waiting for the S1A1 to come down in price for at least a year, and the price has not budged. My guess is they would've made a lot more money at a better price. Not sure what they are thinking. It is very clear that they have not sold a lot of the S1A1in the USA, so I think their pricing strategy has failed.

  2. George

    Haven't seen any new products regarding their slider and it's a shame really.A parallax add on kit would KILL.
    I was wondering. Emm have you got in touch with them regarding any news on their pan tilt kit?It was shown years ago at NAB and still nothing.

  3. I've seen YouTube video where a Konova motor system is used on the iFootage Shark slider, which is a cheaper alternative to the iFootage version, though it's not wireless. Wondered if the motorised pan and tilt head could also be used as iFootage don't seem to do one.

    Konova also seem to have far more accessories available. Anyone know if iFootgae are adding more accessories?

  4. George

    I have had the S1A1 for a few months now and im staggered with how versatile this rig is for video and timelapse.The controls need getting used to but after some fiddling i have got very accustomed to them.Ifootage has a great product there but they truly suck at marketing and promotion.I had to contact them directly to get a firmware upgrade to solve a bug and that firmware is nowhere to be found online,it's like they dont care to show that they support the product at all.Nitsan Simantov reviewed an obviously flawed version of the rig (older firmware than my had from the beginning)and it's as if they dont even care to support it online.I have been waiting for the pan tilt version (S1A2) which should have been circulating around July but still nothing.Maybe they should wake up before they miss the opportunity.

  5. Simon

    I have the iFootage Shark for a couple of years and the quality is pretty high. It is design and made by a Chinese company but you think it might have been made in Germany. Just because something is made in China does not mean it is going to be cheap. If you want high end stuff you still need to pay the price were ever it is made. I'm considering if I should add the S1A1 unit. It has been released a year ago. iFootage has announced the S1A2 recently.

  6. Love this system also, Would love to have the slider only, but wat to overpriced for me! There has got to be a Chinese clone somewhere at a seriously reduced price. $250.00 max is what I would pay. Nice product though.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @T2 - I have not used Edelkrone's motorized solution, but many will say the Shark is a better slider with the counterweight solution.

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