New DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 Firmware Upgrades

New DJI Firmware adds additional Intelligent Flight Modes adding more options for better flight, or just making flight easier. Set multiple GPS points for your aircraft to follow, or set a point of interest for your aircraft to circle around. Home Lock sets the orientation of your controls so pulling back will fly your craft directly back to the home point regardless of orientation. Course lock sets the controls so left is always left, and right is always right regardless of the orientation of your aircraft.

dji firmware upgrades

DJI is happy to announce the release of Intelligent Flight Modes for the Phantom 3 and Inspire 1. To take advantage of these features, visit your product’s download page at, download and install the latest firmware, and update the DJI GO app to the latest version (iOS V2.2.0 and Android V2.1.0 ).

With this firmware update, the Phantom 3 Advanced will also be upgraded to support 2.7K (2704x1520p30) video recording.

point of interest
dji phantom follow me
course lock

dji firmware upgrade intelligent mode

5 thoughts on “New DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 Firmware Upgrades

  1. alloutprodux

    yeah, looks like the litchi app's the one to get in order to set waypoints, etc. on the ground. at least this one's free tho -- i'm gonna play with it for a little bit before (inevitably) downloading litchi...

  2. Don't get too excited, You don't really set the way-points to fly a mission, You have to fly too the places you want marked as a waypoint, then you can execute a way-point flight plan. Complete waist of Time and Battery!!

    Same thing with the POI. Pretty disappointing..

  3. Course Lock and Home Lock have been available since the Phantom 1. I welcome the other new modes mentioned but it should be noted these were already available on the 3DR Solo.

  4. Martijn

    I was hoping that the Phantom 3 Standard would get 25p for us Europeans in 2.7K mode. I don't understand why it doesn't support this, while it does offer 30p.

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