Rode VideoMic HD and Stereo VideoMic Pro Soon?

When Rode released it's VideoMic Pro, the little shotgun mic was sold out for weeks. I'm anticipating the same would hold true for at least the innovative VideoMic HD with built in digital audio recorder.


Through the comments, it looks like the Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro has now been listed for pre-order and comes in just shy of $300 dollars (found here).


There's also a product listing for the VideoMic HD with built in Digital Recorder, but no price has been listed yet. You could of course check in and get notified when it becomes available following the link (click here)


9 thoughts on “Rode VideoMic HD and Stereo VideoMic Pro Soon?

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Archie - Some mics need a bit more juice than what the H4n alone can put out. I wonder if throwing a JuicedLink preamp between your mic and zoom would add enough gain.

  2. Archie

    Hi Emm, Thanks will try these out when they are sold over the counter.
    Any recommendations for boom mic to be used for sync sound for short films to be used with ZOOM H4n. I tried a Rode & Audio Tecnia and both had hopelessly low levels when kept 3-4 feet away from subject. Please help me out

  3. Lawrence

    Holy cow! The VideoMic HD is going to be great for DSLR videographers. Integrated wireless would be a killer feature too.

  4. NickM

    I'm wondering with these new Rode mics coming out, if the Rode Videomic Pro will see a price reduction? I'm hoping so, so then I can finally order one.

  5. Tony

    @Scott - I can only speak for myself, but stereo audio recording isn't just for concerts. Even normal interview-style shots have a more "live" sound to it when you capture room ambiance and a stereo image. Especially if your project is going to be viewed on TV or anything where the speakers has more distance than say your avg laptop or computer. When I record mono with just a lav mic, the subject can sound dull and lifeless. For now I also record with a stand or boom mounted H1 and mix all 4 tracks (dual mono and stereo). Hopefully Rode has designed this mic to strike a nice balance of forward presence with stereo imaging.

  6. scottrellwi

    Ok, not to sound stupid here, but what advantage would I have using the new stereo mic over the video mic pro shotgun design? I understand the difference between capturing non-directional audio vs the directional nature of the shotgun mic. Is it that the shotgun mic is mono and this is stereo? Better for concerts and performances?

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