15 thoughts on “Film Riot DIY Dual Shoulder Mount

  1. KGB

    Oh Dear.
    Even giving points for creativity, there isn't enough money to get me to walk in public with that thing on.....

  2. Brad Justinen

    Forget the clients, I would be embarrassed to show this to my friends.

    I don't use PVC unless the project involves fluids or compressed air.

  3. John

    Jesus people, calm down. Obviously this rig is not something for people who can afford follow focus, monitor, etc, or for people who have any need to impress clients. And the whole point is that it's not for people who want to "spend a little $ [sic] and get a rail system". It's for people for whom film-making is a casual hobby, and who'd like to spend less than $50 or so and get a little something together to get more stability...

  4. Karl

    Film Riot is my favorite show on the
    web. They are in no means all about DIY builds, but these guys make a continued effort to inform and prove the point that you don't need every bell and whistle before you can go out and shoot a film. I know this is Cheesycam and like many of you, we come here to check out the new & improved in film tools (Emm is the best at this, no question) but their just tools and if you spend 90% of your time buying everything you can think of to build a rig; for the most part to look good, then your doing nothing but making yourself an excused not to be creative and shoot something. Best tools you can own for creating beautiful work is an imagination and a drive to get it done any means necessary, no camera rig can substitute that.

  5. PixCanFly

    wouldn't want to bring this thing close to a military or protected site. You will be shot down in no time lol

  6. MN

    I think I've been running about 50-50 between messing around with gear and actually using it to do something productive.

    Often, because there's no pressure, the DIY fussing is pretty fun.

    That changes quick though as I tend to end up on the road for months at a time.

    For what it's worth, I don't mind pulling out weird stuff in front of a client. I've strapped camera to the hood of a car with pillows and tie downs.

    Ultimately, it's whatever works and looks good in the vid.

    But for this DIY project, I'm still amused that the before and after bits didn't look much different.

  7. That guy looks like an absolute dickhead in the video thumbnail. I have a Gini Rig and rarely use it. It might see more action soon though!

  8. Chris

    Truthfully I bought a proper rig, follow focus, monitor etc etc and 90% of the time I actually shoot... its a bare bones camera with lens on the tripod and my sound gear.... the rig is just something that gains parts and bugs the wife!

  9. MN

    I love how after that cocaine induced rant I ended up looking at "before and after" shots that were essentially identical.

    Boys and toys.

    I think a lot of people like the DSLR thing simply because it gives them lots of things to tinker with, not because they actually accomplish anything productive with the stuff.

  10. Wouldn't wanna be seen in public with that thing haha. I don't get the pvc thing.. Spend a little $ and get a rail system for a lot of versatility, compact size and professional look. Plus there is still a lot of DIY that can be done. PVC..tacky.

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