Rayzr7 300 Daylight LED Fresnel Light – Unboxing and Setup

While most often I find myself working with smaller more portable lights, there's definitely a time and place for larger and more powerful sources to create a look that smaller lights can't easily replicate. And (like me) if you're tired of working with too hot to handle, fragile, and heavy power consuming Tungsten and Halogen lights, you'll love what the new Rayzr7 LED Fresnel line has to offer.

Rayzr has reached out and sent this light over for me to try. Here i've done an unboxing and setup video of the new Rayzr7 300w Daylight LED Fresnel - which for the size is somewhat equivalent to a 1K Tungsten Fresnel. This is probably the most powerful and largest LED Light i've personally demoed on this website.

For using this type of light, the closest experience I would compare this to would be working with something like the Arri 1K Tungsten Fresnel. Obviously there are huge benefits working with a 300w LED Fresnel over working with a typical tungsten kit.

First, the most obviously reason would be heat. Working with an Arri 1K Tungsten in a small room can make everyone quickly uncomfortable. You'll require gloves when handling the 1K Tungsten Light (changing positions, swapping barn doors, etc), and it takes a while to pack them up as you need to let them cool down.

With this type of heat generation a 1K Tungsten requires a huge power draw, so using multiple lights in a location always has to be considered as you can easily trip a circuit breaker. And with the power requirements of a 1K tungsten, it's not an easy light to use off-the-grid unless you plan on packing up a gas generator. Other cons you might consider of a 1K Tungsten Fresnel are that they can be somewhat fragile to handle (bulb breaks, bulb blows out) and is also not an easy light to control remotely.

If you've had those experiences working with a high power Tungsten Fresnel before, then you'll easily see the benefits of an LED Fresnel Light like the Rayzr7 300w Daylight. Even running the light all day, you can still handle it with your bare hands, and pack it away the moment you shut it off.

Although the 300w version requires a 24-36v DC source it is still possible to run them off of battery power when working in remote locations, and the low power draw should be no issue working with several units in a single room. DMX or Wifi Controls built in means you can remotely control the Rayzr7 LED Fresnels if you have to mount them up high in a studio or stage setting.

The Rayzr7 LED Fresnels are flicker free for high speed framerates and provide excellent Color metrics. The size is similar to a common 1K Fresnel Tungsten, but weight is slightly lighter. But Rayzr7 does state their 300w is actually 1.5 times brighter than a typical 1K tungsten.

For an LED Light this bright and wrapped up into a proper common Fresnel style housing, I don't personally have anything else hands-on that I could compare it to except for the popular Arri's Tungsten Fresnels. I know so many people working with these old Arri Tungsten Fresnels and constantly looking for a solid replacement to LED. I find the build quality, feature set, benefits, and performance of the Rayzr7 300w LED Fresnel excellent and would deem it a proper replacement for any Arri Fresnel tungsten kits you may already be working with.

For full product information and complete specs on the Rayzr7 LED Fresnel Product Line, visit the Website at https://Rayzr7.com.

You can also find the Rayzr7 LED Lights available via Amazon (here).

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7 thoughts on “Rayzr7 300 Daylight LED Fresnel Light – Unboxing and Setup

  1. Zak

    This light is awesome. Have you seen/heard of a battery that can power the 300W Daylight unit that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?


  2. Post author

    @Rob Norton - It's true the traditional Tungsten Fresnels are work horses, and we still use them today when we need the output and throw. I'll be posting more about this light when I have the time to use it on a project, but as far as metrics, test, claims, etc. there are some other videos out there already. The light is very good and i'm sure we'll start seeing more samples soon as there was a delay on this light and it's only starting to get out there.

  3. Rob Norton

    Emm I really appreciate your reviews and videos, and you've made all fair points but i strongly disagree about fragility. Fair enough if you've seen a tungsten light break but they've been part of motion picture lighting packages for decades. I've seen them continue to work in heavy rain and survive many drops/falls. Durability is definitely improving with LEDs but it's worth being cautious, especially with new companies that haven't been in the game for very long.

    I know this is jut an unboxing and set up video, does that mean you'll do a more in-depth review? In the description you mostly write about the benefits without discussing other important elements that go into evaluating a product. For example, I think it's only fair to meter the light and see if manufacturer claims are accurate rather than giving them the benefit of the doubt. Also, what these lights do to skin tones, as well as their ability to create defined shadows etc. should also be addressed. You've deemed it a proper replacement for the 1K tungsten but I don't think that's what it should be compared to. While a PAR with lenses, a used joker 200 begins approaching a similar price point so other daylight options with lower power draws than tungsten lights should be taken into consideration as well.


  4. Post author

    @Chris K. - I did not do any noise filtering. The audio is directly from the mic above my head (you see it in the video). The fan is very silent, but it is also temperature controlled. This means it does not spin at a regular RPM, it varies depending on it's needs. I've left it on in this room all day, it stays very cool and the fan should never be an issue as it's quiet, and this type of light is typically placed further from your talent and mics.

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