Pro Studio Solutions Scrim Diffuser Bounce Reflector Kits

A closer look at what's included with the Pro Studio Solutions Kits and how easily they can be setup to use as a Scrim, Bounce, Reflector, Shoot through, Lighting Flag, etc. The Pro Studio kits are available in a few different sizes and models, but if you're starting out, I think the 4x4 is a good standard size that you will use often and that may work with other off-the-shelf fabrics and pre-cut gels.

The Pro Studio Solutions Scrim Kits are easy to assemble, breaks down quickly, and is lightweight. The included telescoping boom arm (available in some kits) is very good quality and weighted as a good counterbalance. Starting at around $119 (for the smallest one), I think it's a good buy and something you'll end up using for years. You can find the ProStudio Kits available via Amazon (here).

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6 thoughts on “Pro Studio Solutions Scrim Diffuser Bounce Reflector Kits

  1. Julian

    There was no 4x4 available at your amazon links... would of liked to have given you the referral bonus!

  2. OldCorpse

    @Bob, you might look into the same idea, but cheaper, from Alzo:


  3. Ok I'm assuming you mean the 110cm x 110cm scrim frame (which is ~3.6')? 4' would be ~121cm.

    Also, how rigid/strong are the tubes? I'd be deathly afraid of bending/crimping one and having to throw the frame away. (Or are there replacement tubes available?)

    Lastly, there's only holes in the center of the long tubes? It would be nice to have two light stands holding the scrim; I'm sure I could use clamps (although, again, would be worried about over-tightening a clamp and crimping the tube.)

  4. Bob

    Why not make fold on all 4 segments? I would love to have something like this but it's so hard to travel with - 99% of the time I am flying to where I shoot.

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