Print your own DIY Lens Hood?

Print your own Lens Hoods DIY Hood

Here's a fun post following up on my recent post on Lens Hoods. It's not going to protect you from that concrete post, but it will sure cut the glare out.

We aren't all professionals and sometimes we need a DIY lens hood. Here's a link to a website that lets you download PDF files with a template to Hood the most popular lenses out there for Canon, Nikon, and more. Some of you might already know about the website, but for the newbies check it out.

Leave them comments people. If you have a tip to share, a DIY related video you've created or anything else you think will fit this blog, let me know. I'll run a post for ya!

One thought on “Print your own DIY Lens Hood?

  1. Troy

    Similar to this is a printable LCD hood.
    I found it one day online and tried it out.
    I printed it onto 5lb paper (it's a light card stock) so it was more rigid. My camera (Canon Vixia HF R100) isn't touch screen, but there is a "joy stick" beside the LCD. All I did to make it fit better was trim the left and right side a bit more to clear the joystick.

    Here's the link:
    Scroll down past airplanes to "LCD Hood for Canon HDV"

    here's a Youtube Video for it by guy who made it:

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