Photographer Eyecup Upgrades for DSLR viewfinders

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Opening up a new article here, hopefully we'll get some comments in that will provide for anyone seeking information on upgrading to these DSLR Eyecups. This blog has really expanded to include a 'Woot' & 'Yahoo Answers' type model, so i'm trying to include different posts and keep things interesting. I'm seeing more Photographers upgrading their standard Eyecups to these DSLR Eyecup Upgrades. It does look very comfortable for landscape shots, I personally don't use these and wonder how comfortable they would be flipping into Portrait mode. There's also magnified versions available that supposedly give you a better view through the glass viewfinder. Starting at only $2.99 + Free shipping, I guess I can always order and see for myself.

Has anyone been using these items?
How comfortable are they?
Which version of this do you have?

There's also some information circling about these Magnified DSLR Eyepiece / Eyecups that take a note from LCD Viewfinders and magnify the image to give you a better field of view and possibly sharper focus. The most popular brand name coming around is Tenpa.

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5 thoughts on “Photographer Eyecup Upgrades for DSLR viewfinders

  1. kristiyan

    I bought this, and I find it uncomfortable for "portrait" photography. Lucky me, I shoot more often in landscape. However, I found no big difference in comfort or light-blocking when using this optional cup-holder compared to what came with the camera as default. For me thats several banknotes to a waste.

  2. subzero888

    I have the cheap ebay rubber eye cup, but I forgot that i wear glasses, therefore i couldn't get my eye close enough to the viewfinder to see properly, so I never use it. I wouldn't recommend it to people who wear glasses. 🙂

  3. Jeff

    I just bought the TENPA 1.36x for my t2i. My hope is that I can MF a lot better with this thing. Will see though fingers crossed. Just got it today so shipping time should be around 7-14 days will update if I liked it are not.

  4. Martin D

    That was my first upgrade on my T2i! I'm using the rubber eye cup you are showing at the top of your article (2.99$ on eBay) and I love it! Very comfortable and can be switched for the left or right eye. I had the viewfinder extender before, but this eye cup is a perfect fit for me.

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