Panasonic TM700 60p Camcorder

Sure it's not DSLR, but if you're working with a camera that lacks 60p, you might want to take a look at the Panasonic TM700. For those shooting sports and loving that whole slow motion look, this cheap little video camera might help add to your work flow. Vimeo member iamkalaniprince just posted this video up showcasing Panasonic's ability to provide smooth slow motion playback with Image Stabilization already built in to help with your hand-held shots. Camcorders are well known for their fast auto focus compared to DSLR's which makes this perfect for fast moving subjects. Not to mention it's got a bit of a zoom range in a tiny lightweight package. There's a built in 32GB hard drive, but also supports SDHC for more storage. Filter ring support for those ND and CPL's, Microphone input support and headphone monitoring are also nice additions, along with a crazy 3.45-41.4mm f/1.5-2.8 Leica lens (yeah they dropped the Leica name). You won't be coming in with the same Depth of Field look as a DSLR and possibly lack the low light abilities, but for an outdoor fast moving shoot that you can turn into butter smooth slow motion this looks like a fun little video camera. I'm waiting for someone to throw this footage into Twixtor next.

Here's a Low Light Sample from iamkalaniprince

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4 thoughts on “Panasonic TM700 60p Camcorder

  1. JR

    Just saw this for the first time... just bought the TM750 and it should arrive next week. Selling the 3D adapter on eBay hopefully for about average going rate of $200, out of pocket total should be around $540. This footage definitely makes me feel better about this purchase.

  2. Deanna

    Can you playback in slow motion on the camera itself, or do you have to edit with software on a PC first? Thank you.

  3. Randy

    Nice slow motion and acceptable low light performance. The slow motion would look spectacular using some speed ramping via Premiere Pro's time remapping! But I agree with Bill. For an extra $250 you get the GH2 -- assuming the autofocus is acceptable. But I know the DOF range on the GH2 would be a huge advantage, plus the enormously better low light capability.

  4. Bill

    Nice Em, but I think I'll wait for 1080/60p with autofocus and interchangeable lenses on the GH2 😉 Anybody wanna buy a cheap T2i?

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