LP-E6 AC Power Adapter for Canon Cameras

The LP-E6 is the battery type used in the Canon 60D, 7D, and Canon 5D Mark II. This AC power adapter will power your camera from any AC outlet. There's usually several cameras going at one time and to compliment the stationary tripod shots in the studio, I decided these AC adapters help save me time from charging batteries. I can use my other batteries for the more mobile cameras. Having constant power to a few cameras is also one less thing to worry about when we've got only two guys manning 4-5 cameras. As you can see the cords are very long, so even without an extension cord, they are quite usable on it's own. These cameras don't require much power, and I verified that it works with my little portable $99 dollar battery pack which should give me more than a full day's worth of power. Extended Timelapse shooting? You'll probably think about something like this. If you're in studio, or even on constant location shoots with a static tripod shot, a battery pack and this ACK-E6 battery adapter is definitely a handy thing to have in the bag in case you run low on batteries....

If you're not using a battery grip, you can get away with some of the inexpensive versions running around $20 dollars. If you're using a battery grip, some of the aftermarket types don't work well and the battery door won't close properly. That's why I went with the OEM.

find-price-button Canon ACK-E6AC Adapter Kit for Canon 5D Mark II Digital SLR

Canon T2i / 550D owners are in luck, as the OEM ACK-E8 power adapter is much cheaper than the ones for the 60D, 7D, and 5D Mark II.
find-price-button ACK-E8, AC Adapter Kit for EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR Camera

15 thoughts on “LP-E6 AC Power Adapter for Canon Cameras

  1. Pinco Pallino

    My 5D with a OEM AC adapter show an error message with "Cannot communicate with battery", it's the same with original ACK-E6 Kit adapter?

  2. Joachim Buambeki

    Just found this Blog entry and I can tell you guys it doesn't work. 🙁
    I tried to run the battery as a backup in case the AC power fails and the camera (5D2) recognises both the battery aswell as the AC adaptor when checking the battery info menue, but as soon as you cut the power on the AC adaptor the camera looses power - WITH a fully charged battery in the right compartment of the grip!

  3. @Emm
    Alright cool, I just tried my 7D battery grip and a single battery works in either slot. So maybe it would work... But let me know once you get a chance. Thanks!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Kuba - Unfortunately, the battery grip only works with 1 battery if it's in the correct slot. The AC adapter would be using that slot. I don't think it would work that way, but I can test it later.

  5. @Emm if using this in a battery grip, can you still pop a battery in spot #1 and this into spot #2. So you have a safety net when shooting video just in case you get a power loss? Would hate to lose all the footage shot with a sudden power loss.

  6. eric

    emm does your battery grip for your 7d work the same as an OEM grip because you mentioned it is an aftermarket grip?

  7. Jacob Riddle

    Thank you I guess I was only thinking about this question related to my scale (small one or two cameras) that definatly makes since. Also I have learned much from this page and scored many good deals on gear

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Jacob - Very true, you could remove the battery pack from the camera to use the AC adapter. For me this means carrying that small battery door to put back on the camera. I have 5 cameras, three different battery doors.

    When I want to get mobile again, I will have to swap things back. I carry my cameras with me to various locations, and carrying those tiny battery doors would be more of an inconvenience for my situation. I just opted for the OEM simply for the ease of use in my work flow. But the aftermarket ones should work fine for those who don't mind swapping out the grip.

  9. Jacob Riddle

    Just wondering what you would want the battery grip on for if you are us AC and not hand holding the camera? Seems to me it would be worth the money to just remove the grip and use the aftermarket.

  10. misterb

    I have the aftermarket from Amazon.com and use it with my 5D Mark II and do not have any problems. Have it hooked up to my Tekkeon power supplies and have filmed weddings (all day shoots) just fine.

  11. john d

    Don't buy the aftermarket stuff.
    I don't think it is safe. Its just a blank battery case + wire.
    No Chip inside so you get a message when using the battery!

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @SurrealMedia - Yes I would say that those aftermarket power adapters are fine to use, but if you caught the last paragraph in my article, the angle of the aftermarket cables don't work in the battery grips. I keep battery grips on all my cameras which is why I went with OEM. If you are just using the camera itself, then the aftermarket ones will work too.

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