Panasonic Lumix G3 Pre-Order

Panasonic GH1 / GH2 have a strong following and when it comes down to DSLR video it's almost 'cult-like'. Ok guys - you win. Panasonic does have some awesome qualities in DSLR video, but I still can't get through the ergonomics as quickly as I can the Canon DSLR's. That's a personal preference. Of course I did buy into the GH2 and recently Lumix GF2 (which i'm loving so far).

Now Panasonic has updates it's 'G2' model with the new G3. The new G3 digital upgrades the common 12MP chip found in most Panasonic's to a new 16MP chip, and adds many of the new touch screen controls like the GH2 and GF2. So far the Panasonic's 'GH2 is just completely sold out, and has been since it's announcement. The new G3 looks pretty good, but I don't think it will have the same effect being sold out, but it's available on pre-order now.

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3 thoughts on “Panasonic Lumix G3 Pre-Order

  1. Tony Maceo

    @PePe: I disagree...both from a target audience and a business standpoint. The exclusion of the mic input is to keep the hotshoe mic loving videographers clamoring for the GH2. The G3 already adopts the GH2's processor...Panasonic isn't going to allow the G3 to cannibalize its GH2 sales (when they get them on shelves again). Likewise, Panasonic is targeting P&S shooters looking to stop up to interchangable lens but not looking for the dSLR bulk or complexity. I think this is a worthy upgrade to the G3 and falls nicely between the GF2 and the no-where-to-be-found GH2. Additionally... most HdSLR shooters worth their weight in salt is recording audio to external the absense of mic input on the new G3 is arbitrary. Just my 2 copper coins.

  2. PePe

    The choices taken by Panasonic for the update of the G3 is not good, regarding the disappearance of the microphone input and the reduction of the body size.

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