Panasonic GH4 Can Simultaneously Output HDMI with Image App WiFi Remote

I received a question earlier today about whether the Panasonic GH4 can continue to output from the HDMI while simultaneously be connected via WiFi using the Image App. The answer is yes, but you will lose the on board LCD screen. You should also connect via WiFi before connecting your external HDMI display. Here's a video showing how that works.

If you've mounted your camera to a balanced stabilizer, you'll know how handy this feature can be. As the camera moves around, a remote operator can click on areas of the screen that the camera should be focusing to. This works fairly well, but of course it will be dependent upon the lens used, lighting, and contrast of the scene. Facial tracking and tracking modes are also helpful when you don't have someone setting focus points remotely.

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14 thoughts on “Panasonic GH4 Can Simultaneously Output HDMI with Image App WiFi Remote

  1. Hey there! I've been attempting to enable simultaneous output via WiFI and the HDMI port on my GH4 for a while now, but haven't had any luck. Can you post the exact steps you took in order to get that working?

  2. AlexB.

    Owning a GH4 and a Came-7000 I was wondering if the Panasonic image wifi app would do a "similar" job as the Senna product does.

    Meaning, one can view on his phone/tablet and focus by touching the screen ! For someone who is a newbie could this be a good alternative ?

  3. Johnny

    We just used the Nyrius wireless hdmi transmitter/receiver and also controlling via a tablet (the gh4 was on a jib) and it works wonderfully. the director just need to press record on the tablet while viewing it on a 32" hdmi tv via wireless transmission. we did this for about 4 hours of shooting.

    I am now trying to find a portable solution for this so i can have 3 cameras with 3 wireless transmitter to send signal to 3 monitors... or maybe just use 3 tablets...

  4. julian


    Thanks for that heads up. I will be testing out my GH4 for this issue as soon as it arrives from B&H, and let you know if I experience the same issue.

    Thanks again,


  5. One interesting note that seems to differ from your usage Emm is in my case the rear display remains active even with Wifi and an external EVF going. Any Yes, that is a heck of a lot of data pipeline management for a little camera like the GH4 to be doing. In that regard I don't think less of the GH4 for having this potential issue. I know I would have a heart attack trying to do as much as this little monster is doing.

    PS: I do plan on using the Nyrius for remote viewing as I have done on other cameras going forward. For a while I will be checking takes here and there just to be safe.



  6. Hi Guys,

    I would recommend a little caution when using the Wifi connection along with an external EVF and doing 4K. I was shooting a short film a few weeks ago using the GH4 in 4K 24P mode. I had my SmallHD DP4 hooked in as my EVF. Normally I would use my Nyrius Pro to send an HDMI feed to the director but since the GH4 has very responsive Wifi output I figured I would use that with my Ipad for the director view. Technically it worked just as you expect, Viewing wise.

    The problem was in the capture of video to file. What I found was that in some cases the video file was corrupted. The corruption was very specific. The file would contain four good frames followed by five bad frames followed by four good frames and so on and so on. Essentially only four good frames out of every nine. This would occur from the beginning of the file so it does not appear to be a card speed issue or a buffer issue. If the file had started with a few seconds of good data then failed I would have thought it was a card speed issue. The errors occurs from the first second on.

    Unfortunately unless you are reviewing every take you wont see anything wrong with the take during the record.

    It will be interesting to hear if anyone else encounters this as more people begin using their GH4s in this manner.

    Good luck all,


  7. tim morris

    @ EMM….Not sure if anyone has asked, but you should do a quick tutorial of the best video settings and a quick setup guide for the GH-4!!! I know that you have had experience with the GH-3 so knowing the {in's and out's} is key when shooting video. Coming from the 5D Mark III……it can be a challenge! Just a suggestion!!! Many are following your lead.

    Tim Morris

  8. julian


    Sorry for the confusion, I did just mean fly in range of the wifi signal created by the GH4.

    I use a FrSky module and Rx with ACCST (Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology. I highly recommend using this, or similar tech from other manufacturers if you have had interference issues with your RC setup.

  9. Ivan


    It has nothing to do with range of cell phone. Gh4 act like hotspot and you are connecting your app to that network, just like gorpo, and also just like gopro it's not recommended to fly multirotors with wifi turned on, because it will interfere with your rc transmitter signal which can lead to crash or flyaway.

  10. Herman Wong

    Don't forget there is a slight delay (half second?) between what is captured by the camera VS what the wifi-app is showing. So it's ok if you're doing static shots or tracking slow moving objects.

  11. julian

    Thanks so much for this answer emm!

    This really is a incredible feature for those planning to use the GH4 on a gimbal.

    I even see myself using the wifi setup for some aerial applications of my gimbal. Rather than landing my hexacopter to change a setting on the camera, just fly in range of the cell phone!

    Can't wait to order my GH4!

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