Panasonic DMC-GH4 4K Mirrorless Camera

Well, here's a couple of specs gathered from a few different sources about the Panasonic DMC-GH4 (not GH4K). A Quad Core Processor, with a 16MP sensor to offer less noise and improved dynamic range. Max ISO 25,600 and a max photo burst mode of 12fps.

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Obviously 4K Video with a max frame rate of 96fps. Since the DMC-GH4 will have a bit rate of up to 200Mbps (GH3 is 73Mbps), it will require those special Panasonic microP2 SDXC cards. Panasonic will offer an adapter that sits under the camera with (2) XLR audio inputs, and (4) SDI terminals, Micro HDMI, and Audio Out port. So far no official release date or pricing. Let's see how this all pans out compared to a Panasonic official announcement.

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  1. Steve M.

    Wow! If you haven't seen "Lights of Yucatan" shot with the GH4 in 4K, it is impressive. And, if it looks this good on YouTube, I can't image how good the raw footage looks. Make sure you set your viewing to 4K on YouTube.
    My guess is, once this does become available, good luck getting it, this is going to be bigger than the 5D MarkII release, and that took months for me to touch one of those.

  2. > Itโ€™s as if they put an amazing amount of design and innovation into the GH4 body, miniaturizing thousands of functions into that tiny body, and then shifted their attention to the dock and said โ€œscrew them.โ€

    Its not that Paul, but they're keeping the form factor similar to the GH3 which will keep many existing m4/3 users happy ๐Ÿ™‚

    While still leaving open expansion options for the more pro shooters.

    Best of both worlds! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I'm getting a good laugh out of that input/output dock. Panasonic has upped the ante after Sony's laughable XLR input interface that it made (and overpriced) for the A99 et al. It's as if they put an amazing amount of design and innovation into the GH4 body, miniaturizing thousands of functions into that tiny body, and then shifted their attention to the dock and said "screw them."

  4. User321

    That attachment box may be quite expensive.
    At dvxuser someone wrote: "More than the camera..... "

  5. Jon

    No one else thinks thinks that grip look like garbage?? its got awesome functionality, but it ruins the form factor of the camera....

  6. This is starting to look like a perfect compact ILC for video. Really hope the camera/connection combo comes under the price of the c100/fs-100/af-100 level but doubtful because of all the features they've managed to cram in there. In today's market it could sell for a pretty hefty chunk of change.

  7. @scottrelwi, is real all right as a site leaked out an early hands on article by accident which confirms all these specs:

    "The new Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 is the successor to the GH3, and comes sporting a brand new sensor. While its 16.05MP resolution is identical to that of its excellent predecessor, Panasonic informs us that the new sensor has new semi-conductor protection technology in other areas designed to reduce image noise and improve dynamic range. Also helping improve performance is a new quad-core image processing system in Panasonic's Venus Engine, which provides an increase in max ISO to 25,600 and burst shooting of up to 12fps, or 7.5fps with continuous focusing."

    "Of course, the big news everyone will be talking about with the GH4 is video, specifically its ability to shoot 4K video at a resolution of 4096x2160 pixels and a maximum frame rate of 96fps. The level of quality the GH4 can achieve is phenomenal - the video it captures can have a bit rate of up to 200Mbps, far exceeding the 73Mbps bit rate captured by the GH3. It's good enough that it could be used by 4K television broadcasters.
    The GH4 can be augmented with an optional Interface Unit, which is designed for professional videographers. The unit provides two XLR microphone sockets, four SDI terminals, a Micro HDMI output, a colour bar signal and an audio reference signal."

    "It also adds an external time control that allows for multiple cameras to synchronise time codes for simultaneous recording. In order to keep up with the demands of 4K recording, the GH4 uses the new UHS I class III SD card format, and indeed is the first camera to do so.
    Autofocus on the GH4 has received one of the more intriguing upgrades. A new system on the GH4 named DFD (Depth From Defocusing) uses a database of all existing Panasonic lenses to estimate how out of focus a lens is and compensate accordingly, fine tuning the focus with contrast detection. Panasonic claims this will all be able to happen within 0.07 seconds - edging out Fuji's 0.08sec AF acquirement on its X-series cameras. The GH4 also now has 49 AF points, compared to the GH3's 23.
    Pricing and availability information for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 are yet to be announced."

    "First Impressions
    The GH4 may not be a radical departure from the GH3 in many ways, but it's got a lot to like. The increased shooting rate is very welcome, as is the much-improved AF. I especially liked the build of the camera - the magnesium alloy body very similar to the GH3, but Panasonic has got the grip just right. It fits beautifully in the hand and feels just about perfect. The weather and dust resistance is a nice touch as well.

    For videographers, the GH4 is currently peerless. The speed of 4K capture is hugely impressive, but the four thirds sensor means the camera remains relatively light and suitable for travel, as do its lenses. It's a fantastic all-in-one package for photography and video recording. I can definitely see it being useful for photojournalists and reportage photographers who might want to switch between still images and video at a moment's notice, and be comfortable with how well they can capture both.
    We were using a pre-production version of the GH4 for a hands-on, and didn't get a chance to properly assess how far the image quality has been improved by the new sensor technology, which is really going to be the deciding factor as to whether it's worth upgrading from the GH3. The images we saw did look impressive, however we'll have to wait until we get hold of a final version of the camera before we can say for sure. Some may be surprised that there's been no increase in resolution from the GH3, and 16MP does perhaps feel a little on the low side. In my opinion, however, the sensor improvements should more than compensate."

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @scottrelwi - There's a lot going on, i'm pretty sure it's real. It just may not be released for a while.

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