Panasonic 14mm Lens Deals?

Panasonic 14mm Lenses

Ray writes in and shares an interesting link to some very cheap Panasonic 14mm Lenses. [Thanks Ray] These lenses are found for over $300 dollars on Amazon (seen here) and B&H (seen here), but at the listing it sells for just $164. Seller has excellent ratings and checking the feedback shows the seller has sold several of these lenses in the last month. Everything seems to check out fine and it's a hell of a deal. (click here for listings)

find-price-button Panasonic Lumix G 14mm F/2.5


29 thoughts on “Panasonic 14mm Lens Deals?

  1. Dan

    Great Site. I ordered one of these from eBay when I saw the post and it arrived today. It's a real Panny lens and looks good. My only complaint was the packaging. It arrived in a padded envelope, which was pretty beat up by the time it made it to my front porch in Michigan. The lens itself was inside what I only can describe as a plastic salad dressing container that you get when you order a salad to go from a deli. No case or instructions.

  2. Austin

    When using on a GH2 will I be able to manually adjust the aperture and focus manually with this lens?

    I'm just getting into video and my only experience is with vintage lenses.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Efex - It might be too short for a traditional one. There are some friction FFs that might work.

  4. I'm going to pick up one of those, it comes to about $172 shipped from the Hong Kong seller. I noticed though, that there are a few other sellers, a couple in Taiwan, one in Korea and another in the US I think with prices in the same $170-200 neighborhood and almost all of them seem to have come from kits with cameras because they're not in retail boxes.

  5. i have this lens and can attest it's a good one, sharp even wide open, and the light weight is awesome for flying. now if only there could be a deal on the 20mm...

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Ali - Great. I have the same adapter on my NEX-7 and shooting tons with a Nikon 50mm F/1.4. For the small camera I like the tripod mount under the adapter to help balance the setup.

  7. Emm

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    @Ali - Yes you can use a dummy Nikon adapter and just use the Nikon aperture rings. Personally I think some Nikon lenses would be better than the Canon EF for the FS100. Just get the better Nikon AIS lenses, they're pretty sharp and much lighter than Canon EF. Nikon has a nice 50mm F1/.2 for much cheaper than Canon's 50mm F/1.2.

    You can even find some 'used' ones at B&H and they have ratings on the condition (click here for used Nikon AIS manual lenses)

  8. @Emm thanks again man yeah I contacted Metabones but they sold out quick they put me on a waiting list for the Canon adapter I have all Canon glass so it would help I guess for now I will have to shoot wide open. I was hoping I could just get a dummy adapter any buy some Nikon lenses and just use the aperture ring. Guess I'm gonna have to wait.

  9. Emm

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    @Ali - You just need a basic Nikon to E-mount adapter. There are some really cheap ones and some better made ones. Check out this article httpss://

    You don't need the electronic adapters. I use the cheaper ones for the NEX-7, but if I go FS100 i'll get the better Metabones ones.

  10. Emm

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    @Ali - The iris in manually controlled from the lens. it has a dedicated aperture ring. It can't be adjusted from the camera menu, but it can be adjusted by hand.

  11. @Emm Yeah that's the only thing I wanna control the Iris on my FS so I'm looking for some good lenses that I don't have to get a special converter to do so. Would I still need a converter for the Nikon AI's?

  12. Emm

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    @Ali - I don't think it will work because it's an electronic lens. You won't be able to adjust aperture and the focus for M43 lenses aren't the same as a good ol' Nikon. If you're looking for some cheap lenses, check out some of the old Nikon AI and AIS stuff.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Sheldon - No adapter will work. You can use a large lens on a Small sensor camera, but you can't use a small lens on a Large sensor camera. This is why the smaller Micro Four Thirds or NEX can practically adapt any lens. Might not be perfect, but it works.

  14. Emm

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    @Apostolos - Yes I have the 14mm and 20mm primes for Panasonic. If you want the shallow DOF, the 20mm is better. The 14 is pretty wide, sharp, but keeps most of the stuff in focus.

  15. On a guick check there are a couple of sites that offer it for $160-180 also, Ecrater and FotoAglow, even though I know absolutely nothing about these sites.

  16. A f2.5 28mm equivalent for $$170 is not bad at all. I'm looking around to see if I have any cash to pick one up. Do you have personal experience with this piece of glass, Emm?

  17. pops

    meh. I just picked one up. It will be lighter to fly than the Tokina. Although I have mixed emotions about investing so much in this platform. I have 3 14-42's, 25, 45, and now a 14. I really wonder if the 14 will be any better than the stock lens. Unfortunately, size may be the only benefit.

    Thanks again Emm for the post.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Johan - The Micro Four Thirds can adapt other lenses because the sensor is small. The Canon DSLRs have a larger sensor so small lenses won't fit properly.

  19. Johan

    Hi Emm!

    Thanks for the best site I've ever known!
    Been looking for a converter so these lenses will fit to EOS but I only find converters the other way around. Is there even a possibility tho use 'em on a EOS?

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