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5GHZ Wireless HDMIWireless HDMI Streaming DIY

I've been successfully using the Asus WiCast device powered up with my Tekkeon battery packs for a DIY Wireless HD Video stream from my DSLR to a remote LCD monitor (as seen in video here). Those Asus units have been discontinued for quite some time. These rebranded 5GHZ Wireless Streaming HDMI devices have been around, but has now been upgraded with a smaller transmitter. One downfall is that the transmitter has a built in male HDMI connector which needs to be stepped down to a mini HDMI if it's to be used on a DSLR camera. It still requires a 5V power source for both the transmitter and receiver. I remember someone using this brand at some point, any comments on this new version?

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  1. Emm,

    I have tried this exact model as it arrived yesterday. So far the quality streamed is good only if there is no major wall blocking the transmission. Saying that, i am kinda disappointed. I will be able to use this with my house but I will not reply for more than 30meters distance.

    The box even come up with recommendation for 12meters only if many walls exist between the transmitter and the receiver. The recommended distance is only 20 meters.

    Well, I might be getting a better HP or expensive Asus WAVI for my project just like the one Jag35 used during last year NAB.

    Anyway, how far can the Asus gives and what is the quality you have got so far?


  2. svem

    Is there anything like for wireless HDMI that is similar to a wireless audio transmitter and receiver like the Sony or Sennheiser kind? A smallish receiver/transmitter that uses AA Batteries and costs around the same as these 5Ghz HDMI wireless systems?

  3. I got a 5v usb emergency phone charger for 99p in the UK equivalent of a dollar store! 😀
    It's just a tiny box that takes 4 AAA batteries and has a port to plug in a usb cable.

  4. Emm,

    What are the other brand that behaves exactly like the Asus WiCast? I really don't like that HDMI to Mini HDMI converter thing to be honest.


  5. Wow that is a huge difference in the transmitter size. I almost jump on one of this units when they came out but they still had the larger transmitter that was similar in size to the receiver. I think I may have to give this a try now that its shrunk down the transmitter. I can see placing the transmitter up on a stalk off my shoulder rig.

    Thanks for the post Emm.


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